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This Is How Your Wife In Jannah Will Be

You will not be able to withstand the light. Which now is on a tower just above your palace. What am i talking about you reach your palace you’ve sewn you’ve seen it it’s beautiful, it’s glittering suddenly you see this light. That is shining down and beautiful ride that covers your whole entire property. It’s not the sun. It’s not special light coming from above. You look up into that tower and in that beautiful tower. There is your spouse, your wife is Waiting for you there.

So our sisters who enter jannah. Are you walking to your palace or are you actually escorted to your palace, and then you are placed there to wait for your spouse who is about to come. And meet you so in other words. Maybe you are there and you are clothed and given the beautiful jewelry the makeup of jannah is placed on you you are prepared for your groom who is about to approach. And you’re waiting to see his face and how he’s going to how you’re going to be attract attractive to him. You know the nature of men and women. This is the nature of men and women. Women love to beautify themselves to attract their husbands first, even though the husbands also attract their wives.

But in the first stage the woman loves to beautify herself as in her nature. So imagine you’ve entered now, and there are servants of yours. In your palace you’ve beaten your husband there, and they’ve prepared you and put all this make up on you. In fact in jannah what is makeup?
Is it fake up as we call it as i call it faker no what is the makeup in jannah. You don’t need any makeup. The makeup of jannah is the way allah has created your face, and now i would like to describe just a little bit of the women of jannah.

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