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Why Am I on earth – Mufti Menk

If Allah has written my destiny why am I on earth

people start scratching their heads and they say well if allah’s written all of this then why did he bring me onto the earth.
Well hang on, you don’t know your results of your examination.
So you have to come on to earth, the fact that allah knows it.
and the fact that allah has written it does not make you a person who should now give up, because if that was the case. then obviously you would be the fool.

A man came at the time of Umar Ibn Al-khattab radiallahu anhu according to one of the narrations, he had he needed to be punished because he stole.
so he comes to um and he uses the same line he says,
how can you punish me for having stolen,
when it was predestined my deeds were already written by allah
subhanahu wa ta’ala.

now that’s quite a good argument if you were to look at it.

Umar Ibn Al-khattab radiallahu anhu was one ahead of this man he says well, let’s punish this man because it was predestined that we were going to punish him as well.
wow so these deeds so it goes to show that you cannot use an as an excuse the fact that allah has predestined things, for you to either give up or to do as you please or not to do things.

This is part of the plan of allah. where he has predestined things yet according to you it seems that you are doing whatever you want and whatever you wish. you’re thinking in a specific way, it is some unique explanation we will never fully.
understand the concept of predestiny but we need to
keep working towards the pleasure of allah as best as we can, and by his will one day we will find that indeed.
what was predestined was the best for us may allah make it easy for us to, understand.

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