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Parents Want Him Home, Wife Wants Him Alone

Parents Want Him To Live With Them & Wife Wants To Live Separately.
His parents want him to live with them, but his wife wants him to live apart from them.

A person who’s married, and he lives with his parents, and his parents want him to live with them in a joint family system, but his wife wants him to live separately.
Who should he obey?

The answer is your wife. Because this is her her given right in Islam, to have an accommodation that befits her, and that is separate from everybody else.

So if you can manage to have a separate suite for her, in your family house that has a kitchen that has a separate bathroom, and a separate entrance where no one could come in whenever they want is totally locked it’s totally private, this is sufficient. if not you have to move out, and get her a house outside.

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