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My Partner Used Me And Then Left Me

Here comes a question from a brother, and as I said again, when I see that there’s a trend, there’s a lot of questions on the same topic I’ll try to make a video. This is a huge concern what’s happening is basically that these women they see these so-called models or these women in living this lavish lifestyle so they want it as well. Some of them have recurred to scamps to marry Brothers using their beauty and once they reach the Western lands and they get sponsored and they get some form of paper in their hands then they basically say and many times they do it in a very negative way.

Such as accusing the man of abuse, such as calling the police. It’s a very sudden shocking turn of events and all of a sudden, you find them doing all kinds of other things and is to be very Pious just till the point they become a wife. They get to the Western World and then all of a sudden they ask for divorce or they forget about asking for divorce, they go through the Western courts they say they were abused they get all kinds of settlements and then they live another lavish lifestyle what they’ve been dreaming to by seeing Tik Tok and Instagram.

Again, it’s not you sister I’m not talking about you. I’m not generalizing but this is increasingly happening and specifically in certain countries that I can name three or four countries. This is a huge problem for someone to do this I would say they have to get so low and that’s where the sad you know feeling comes in that Muslims are either so desperate to do this or they’ve reached such a level low in their ethics and moral that they do this.

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