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Why Do We Fast In Ramadan

My brothers and sisters Ramadan is is here literally and a lot of people don’t understand, why we have this Ramadan coming coming every year. And we have it coming again another year and another year. And people literally think that we’re supposed to just just show that we’re not eating, not drinking. In fact, some people say that we fast in Ramadan, because we suppose to show we’re supposed to feel how the poor people are feeling. That is a very lame thing, Very lame, because if that was the case, then why the poor people fasting?

Okay, the reason why we fasting Ramadan, is because we’re trying to bring in self control. There are many, many reasons why we’re doing it. But I’m gonna tell you one big reason I remember, I was traveling with one of my friends and there was a non Muslim with us. And the non Muslim asked, he said,
Why do you Muslims fast?

And most people don’t know this, even my friend was surprised with the reason why we actually fast and most Muslims don’t even notice. The reasons why we fast is because we have two places in our bodies, that are the other drive behind a person’s attachment to this world.
Two main drives.
So you have your drive, one drive, which is your stomach, most of the things we’re doing in this world is because of the stomach, we want to feed the stomach, we want to keep ourselves healthy, and so on, so forth. And the second drive is that between the thighs.

so the urge that a man has the urge that a woman has for the opposite gender, that’s another reason why we have a lot of attachment to this world, or to the people of this world.
Okay, these two drives, the drive of the stomach and the drive of that between the thighs. They are the major two parts that makes a person want to attach themselves to this dunya So what Allah azza wa jal has done for 30 days is he said to us to control these two drives, and said, don’t eat, don’t drink, that’s the that’s going straight down to the first drive of the stomach. And then Allah azza wa jal says, don’t have any sort of mutual relationship with your you know, with your with your wife, with your husband, during the whole Ramadan. Why do you think that is?

That is because we’ve now cut off the two parts, that really give us a big drive towards as well. And then after that, Allah says, now you’re going to attach yourself to the akhira that attach yourself to Allah azza wa jal through a lot of through contemplation, through recitation, through doing Zikr. By doing Dua, by reading the Quran extra, all of these things are going to make us come closer to Allah azza wa jal by extra Salah in the night, by standing in front of Allah.

So what we’re doing here is we’re doing two parts. One is you shut down the drive that puts you towards the duniya. And that’s the, that’s the stomach and that and between the thighs, the edge between the thighs, so we’ve shut those down. But the second part is that you’re supposed to then ignite and start the process inside that that puts us towards the drives towards the Akhira. So those are the two process those of us every Ramadan that have only just stopped eating and only stops or drinking you’re only working on the first part of the whole point of Ramadan.

out of the Muslims about 70% of Muslims fast during Ramadan out of those 70% of Muslims that fast less than 5% get the real essence of what Ramadan is about, because Ramadan is not just about okay when other people think okay, I’m not gonna eat, I’m not going to drink, I’m not going to sleep with my you know with my spouse and that’s it for 30 days and you get from beginning of Ramadan till the end of Ramadan and you pretty much the same.

Most Muslims like 95% or 97% of Muslims are fast they literally go from beginning of Ramadan to the end of Ramadan and and they and they come to the to the end what are the achieved nothing the back to normal again when it comes. And the reason why that is is because they’re not doing the second part which is to put the drive in towards the Akhira, doing those extra, you know, putting their minds towards Allah, doing zikir, doing tilawa, with the part that you’ve done in terms of you know, closing the other drive.

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