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Your Wife Needs You In Bed

The Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) taught us that if you don’t have anything constructive to do after salatul Isha go to bed why?
wife is waiting for you, the problem with us we’ll go to bed but still be on WhatsApp until 2:00 in the morning, right?
subhanallah the wife tosses and turns this way in that way. I hope it’s not the other way around masha’allah but tossing turning and you’re not getting the message subhanallah she’s trying to touch you and you say wait but where is the Islam in you your Islam should make you think why am I taught to come to bed here for what?
I’m supposed to go to bed, because I have a spouse. why did you get married if you don’t want to spend the nights with your wife for what?
sit with her, talk to her, play with her, be intimate with her, fulfill her, rights satisfy her, go to bed get up for Salatul Fajr or Tahajjud and don’t be ashamed to have a shower, even if the whole house knows what happened at night.

So what it was Halal. and I’m not ashamed to speak about it I’ve spoken about it several times, because men are guilty of thinking that women don’t have sexual needs. The Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) was intimate with his spouses and he fulfilled that right of his spouses, how many of us a month passes we haven’t even been intimate with our halal wife, she’s busy waiting, she’s dressing up, she’s trying to attract you, you say i am tired, you’re tired for what?
there’s an ibadah that to happen at night, some of us might be weak for the tahajjud but you can’t come and complain that you cannot be intimate with your own spouse.

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