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Keys To a Successful Marriage in Islam

Keys To a Successful Marriage in Islam : Belal Assaad

How to Have a Happy Marriage According to Islamic Law.
Things Men Love And Hate About Their Wives, Things Women’s Love And Hate About Their Husbands.
The four things a wife loves in her husband, these are not from me. I’ve done lots of research in this area long years from experts and muslim judges, who talked about it this is decades of research. I’m just summarizing for you, you know putting on a plate for you.

What the husband loves in his wife:

  1. When she shows respect: she respects his leadership, respects that he’s her protector and respects that he’s her provider
  2. When she looks good for him
  3. When she appreciates his efforts and abilities
  4. When she talks good of him to her family and his family
  5. When she gives physical touches

What the wife loves in his husband:

  1. When he protects, defends and supports her.
  2. When he listens to her and he talks to her
  3. When he gives tender physical touches and he is tender in general
  4. When he compliments her and shows that he’s interested in her
  5. He makes her feel secure and safe that he won’t leave her and look for another woman

Number one, the four things a wife loves in her husband they said she loves when he defends her protects her and supports her. Wife loves to say that in her husband even if she doesn’t admit it she likes it a husband who defends her protects her and supports her.

Number two, he listens to her listens to when listens to her meaning. That doesn’t mean he has to obey everything listens as when she listens he listens to her emotions he listens to her words. He listens to her and he’s patient with listening.

He talks to her. Brothers, when your wife is talking when you’re listening to your wife throw in another word whenever you get a break to show her that you have been listening.
Think about yourself when when somebody listens to what you’re saying and then they say so this is what you said you feel special. That they actually gave value to your words. Even if they disagree they gave value to your words, think about that.

Number three, she loves her husband to be tender physical. To give her tender physical touches, only like this little hug kiss on the forehead tend to physical men and be gentle as a general thing.

Number four, he compliments her and shows her interest. He complements it and shows her that he’s interested in her. The newness goes away after six months one year you guys are gonna get a little bit bored of that. No, you’ve got to keep going inshallah renew it try other ways.

Number five, makes her feel secure and safe that he will not leave her and look for another woman. Fear women have muslim and non-muslim that their husband’s going to betray them and i think that’s the reason which is wrong why some women think that they tell each other this. I’ve heard it i know the insides announce of these now, we hear stuff and they say to each other “hey don’t show him that you love him too much”. Because he’ll leave you. These men they look other way but keep them on edge. That’s just wrong brothers and sisters.

Now we go to the four things a husband loves in his wife.

Number one on top of the list there is nothing more important than this number one sisters, respect. Now you might say but what about me?

I need respect too. We’re talking about with the man is a little bit different. It’s a little bit stronger, it’s a little bit more serious. What are we talking about respect here, respect his leadership, respect that he’s your protector, respect that he’s your provider. The duty which Allah gave him that one extra degree. Respect that don’t put him down.

Don’t say look at those other guys they buy this enough for their wives, you’re nothing, you’re a stingy person, among other words you’re a lazy fat obnoxious. Don’t hold on to those words that’s how women are they like to express, sister please respect, the fact that he is the leader of the house, the protector and the maintainer. I think sisters understand this in their nature.

Number two, the man likes his wife to look good for him. He likes his wife to look good for him. This creates a bond in your relationship. The biggest thing a man hates is when a wife looks bad for him at home and looks good for everyone else outside. She looks amazing outside and then he starts thinking the shaytan comes to him sisters, and he says to the men look at her she’s not really there for you. What did you get married for.

When she’s outside everyone enjoys the way she looks when she’s inside you don’t get to enjoy the way she looks and that’s when you start looking elsewhere. So this is he used to say when people visited him he would open a door and he would look really nice more better than outside, and they said to him why do you do that? He says i like to look good for my wife as she looks good for me so that’s very important.

Number three, shows confidence in him and his abilities. So the sister appreciates his efforts she appreciates his help she appreciates his tiredness. I said this last time that randomly say to your husband take out of the blue once every week or every two weeks once every three weeks once every month.
I appreciate your effort, i couldn’t do it without you subhanallah. The stuff that you’re doing say it he’s your husband. Say it Allah you will pump him up and he’ll make him. Amazing your words go a long way don’t get stingy with words. He’s your husband, for a man it means a lot I’m telling you it means a lot.

Number four, she speaks well of him to her family and his family she doesn’t go to a mum and dad and says man he’s a this and he said that and complains night and day. No you will make your life hell not from him from your family. Every time you get along with your husband you go back what you did he doesn’t deserve it. Your sister’s plays a role, all your brothers play a role, your father mother your cousin’s plays a role, if suddenly everybody’s involved in your life. Why, because you let it out you went and told him same with the husbands. Don’t do that.

And lastly physical touches men love physical touches from their wife.

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