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When You Feel Like You Are In Love

Is actually a friend that you are attracted to boyfriend, girlfriend. A friend that you have the possibility of being attracted to. The thought might have crossed your mind. Now, you cannot prove for your for somebody that the thought has crossed their mind. But you know, we should we’re just friends on facebook, we just we just talk sometimes. He’s just doing da`wa to me.

I’ve heard all of it. I’m from us. And it’s not like it ain’t happening here. I’m not blind.
Okay i’m really happy to be the muslim country, but i’m not blind.
This stuff is going on. And you know what. Allah azzawajal talks about this in the quran directly, it’s pretty cool that he does.

Like you would think quran really talks about really sacred things and it doesn’t talk about you know like boyfriends and girlfriends, but it does, it does.
When the ayat of marriage come up allah azzawajjaal says

That when the women that should be qualified to get married. The kind of women men should try to marry are women that are……..
You’re bringing them into the protection of your family, you want to start a family with them, that’s the first thing you look for in a girl when you
Want to get married.

Is this the girl i want to have a family with?
Would she be a good mother?
You know, is she good to her own mother?
Is she a good child herself?
Does she have family qualities herself that she would be a good family?
If you are rebelling against your parents, and he’s rebelling against his parents and you want to get married and all of that.

Well you know what. It sounds like an indian movie for a while but eventually you know what’s going to happen. You are going to have the most miserable life because you don’t have the fundamental values of what it means to be in a family.

What it means to be in a family, what it means to have loyalty to people that have raised you. You know, that have taken care of you know, you have to get this fluffy stupid idea of what love means.
You know, stop, first of all, stop watching indian movies for god’s sake. Stop. Please how many how many times can you watch people running around a tree?

Enough you know. Just and it’s got it’s gotten filthier and filthier and filthier, my god. You know. I went to a restaurant not too long ago with my children
In seattle, halal restaurant, we looked it up and it was a halal so we went. And they were just, you know, halal restaurant for their entertainment.

They got like bollywood on, i literally had to turn my children around and myself turn around and you know, like.
Because it’s so filthy. It’s so disgusting.

Like, how can that play in your homes?
How can you have mothers and daughters and sisters and wives in your homes and have that in your home.
That’s disgusting. Stop it!
It’s not acceptable by any stretch of the imagination. You’re destroying your families by doing this.
You know, what you allow to…………
These are friends you’ve made. These digital friends you’ve made that you’re watching all the time, subhanallah. The harm they have. So, coming back to…………. Though,

What does it mean?
First of all, look for a wife that is going to start a family with you.
That will be in the protection of the fort of your friend of your home, and then…………

That you’re not just there to get your lust out of the way.
You’re not, you don’t just think she’s cute and that’s it. I want to marry her.
She’s so beautiful woman. I can’t stop thinking about her.
You don’t know how many of those emails i get, oh my god.
I have so much fun reading them too. You know.

Brother, there’s this sister, i was giving her da`wa, i wanted to marry her. No. You weren’t giving her dawah to islam first of all that’s a different kind of dawa you were doing my friend.

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