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Is First Wife’s Permission Required for 2nd Marriage

Is it Required to Get Permission from the First Wife Before Getting Married a Second Time?
Islam allows marriages, I mean a husband to marry more than one wife four wives. is it compulsory to take the permission from the wife, before marrying that second one?
because a lot of Muslim girls have told me, that you know they have to take permission from the first wife. so our interests are taken care of.

I hope you don’t intend to become Muslim and marry more than one wife,
no I don’t know because there’s a new law in the Indian government if a Hindu converts to Muslim and marries more than one wife then there’s a problem.
yeah well I won’t answer that now the other question that is it compulsory that the husband should take the permission of his first wife, before he marries a second wife.

as a general rule because it is mentioned in the Quran that a man can have more than one wife it is not required for a man to take the permission of first wife, but it is preferably takes permission or at least informs her. as far as permission certain conditions become compulsory. during a Nikah during a marital contract a man or a woman before they get married they can put any conditions which are permitted.
if the woman puts the condition in the nikarnama that husband will not take a second wife as long as I live.

because Manning more than one wife is optional so if she puts the condition then it becomes compulsory for the husband to take the permission of the wife otherwise he cannot marry if this is not mentioned in the nikanama if it’s not mentioned a marital contact it’s not a must it is preferable.
no problem

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