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Never Do This While You Are Fasting

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu my brothers and sisters. The last time i was live on instagram, there were a few people asking questions. And some of those questions were very very concerning. They were really questions of great concern. People were asking, are you allowed to be intimate with your spouse during the fast?

Now that is quite a strange question, but then again there are people who probably are ignorant. Fasting from dawn to dusk means you abstain from food and drink you abstain from foul language and so on you also abstain from sexual intercourse, and you know sexual intimacy with your spouse during the daylight hours.

Now that which is haram and prohibited is obviously harm inside and outside of ramadan. If someone was doing something haram and were to engage in her armed sexual acts during the fast then that would be a double sin.

One for it being haram and two for it to be breaking or avast in that way. But another very very important point is your own spouse as well you cannot have sexual relations with your own spouse during the daylight hours of ramadan. At night it is permissible the quran expressly mentions the night and says that it is permissible.

So it’s not like you have to stay away from your spouse for the entire month.


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