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Telling A Girl That You Love Her

What’s the halal way of approaching a girl you like. I thought you know, so this is more complicated than me. we’ve made it more complicated than the sahaba. so the sahaba were simple people and they came from a very rebellious Society. where men and women did all kinds of things and nobody cared and then Islam came. and I want to give you some background here. you know in in Medina, when the sahaba migrated. the muhajiroon were bankrupt nearly right. they left everything behind and Madina was a crazy place. right now it’s Madina munawara but Madina back then was Las Vegas. it was bad.

when the prophet went there (saw) it was not a good place. okay, You have to understand it was a crazy, crazy society. For instance one of the most common industries in the city of medina was prostitution. When the prophet moved there (saw), and the women, there were brought those like prostitution houses, they used to have flags outside their house, This is a place you can for those kinds of things. And a companion comes to the prophet (saw) and says ya rasulullah, there’s a woman, because he doesn’t make any money, She is a muhajir. There’s a woman she makes good money, i’d like to marry her. And what does she do?

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