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Husband Sucks His Wife’s Breasts Drinks Milk

To what extent does the fact that a husband sucks his wife’s breasts and drinks milk render their marriage invalid?
If husband sucks his wife’s breasts & drinks milk, does it invalidate their marriage.

If a married man sucks the breasts of his wife after pregnancy, and drinks milk from it, does it void their marriage.
first of all this is not natural, for a grown-up man to suckle his at this age, you can go and buy some coffee or cappuccino or drink milk if you’re interested, but to do this is a bit ridiculous and weird, nevertheless, does the prohibition continue and is he considered to be a child of his wife through suckling.
the answer is no. because the conditions of prohibition and for the child or for the individual to be the son of the woman who suckled him, there are two conditions.

Number one that the child is below two years of age. So if the child is over two years of age then this does not make that individual or child a son of the what mother witness or whatever they call her.

The second condition is that, the suckling’s should be five meals, not just one or two meals rather five full meals that the child leaves the breast willingly because he had enough. five meals within the two years span of the child’s age, and after that the suckling does not work and Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَتَعَالَىٰ Knows Best.

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