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Broken – Why Does Allah Test Us?

For the believers always good news, right?
Always goodness in all situations. And that is kind of the premise of tonight, right?
Why does Allah subhanhu wa Taala test us?
It’s important to understand this principle because all of us go through difficulty, right?

How many of you in here have never been through any difficult time in your life?
Raise your hand. If you’ve never been through any difficulty.
Alright, I was gonna say you’re not you know, you’d have been alive long enough. You haven’t left anywhere in one year where we all have gone through difficulty. Allah subhanhu wa Taala tells us in Quran in Surah Ankabut.
Do you think that you be left alone upon saying belief, and you’ll not be tested?
Do you think you’re gonna say, I believe and Allah subhanhu wa Taala is not going to test you. Allah says, Indeed, I am going to test you as I tested those who came before you. Why?

So that I can see which of you are truthful in their speech, who which one of you are liars. Meaning that when we say that we believe. that belief is going to be put to some test, when we say that we are believing in Allah subhanaw taala alone, and we’re following in the message of Allah subhanhu wa taala, which are the universal Islam, we are going to be tested.

Now, we see that Allah says, I tested you in this verse, like I tested those who came before you. So let’s look at the sum of those who came before us from amongst the NDI and see that Allah test them. Let’s start with the first of us, Adam alaihis salam was he tested?

Yes, him and his wife were tested in the garden, right?
Look at their test and the test as life has gotten more complex. The tests have gotten more complex. When Adam alaihis salam and his wife. They were given one test, right?

What was it, don’t eat from the tree, ALLAH Subhanu wataala created them, put them in the garden, gave them everything that they could wish, you know, all of this is for you. The only thing there’s one rule one rule, right?
Don’t touch this tree. What did they do?
They broke the one rule. They did the one thing Allah asked them not to do. So they were tested, they were tested.

But one of the things that we learned through this test, and there are many things that we have to learn through our tests, there’s we’re gonna talk about towards the end why there’s a little testis. But one of the most beautiful things that I learned from the test of Adam and Eve in the garden is that that was needed. Allah subhanhu waTaala understood the course of human genealogy and how will you be in what we would become, therefore with the first of us he needed to teach us about the nature of our relationship with Him? Subhanahu wataala

that nature of our relationship with Him is the nature of relationship number one with that we worship Allah, but also with sins and repentance.
That would be the core of our relationship. Like yes, Allah subhanhu wa Taala says He created us but to worship him, but do we do that perpetually, no, none of us are even capable of doing that perpetually. But one thing that I know that we are capable of doing perpetually almost is every son of Adam sins, that is something that is, it is similar to every single human being, is that we commit mistakes.

We do what Allah has told us not to do, the Best of those who sin are those who repent. So when Allah subhanahu wataala, put Adam and Eve in the garden, and told them not to eat from that tree, he knew good and well what they were going to do it, he knew they were going to do it anyway. Ibn kasir, if you read this Tafseer of these verses in suratul baqara, where Allah subhanhu wa Taala talks about the creative creation of Adam and Eve being placed in the garden, being told not to eat from the tree and doing it anyway.

There is a conversation that he records in a narration where Adam alahis salam ask Allah, my Lord, did you not create me with your own two hands?
And Allah says, Yes, I did. He said, You do not breathe into me the breath of life and cause me to live. He said, Yes, I did.
That I not when I sneezed, because then we know the first thing that Adam did when he was alive, he sneeze. And Allah said, may Allah have mercy upon you. That’s why we say to one another.
Allah says, Yes, I did say that. He said, Then he asked a very wise question. He said did not when you told me not to eat from that tree. Didn’t you know I was going to do it anyway. Didn’t you know we were going to do it anyway.

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