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Allah Made This Dua For Those Who Are Sad

we’re starting the last 10 days of Ramadan. I know there’s a slight difference for some people. it’s the 20th. this I wanted to again bring this Dua to the Forefront after this. This hadith which imam ahmad relates, I think it’s a extremely important dua for a number of reasons.

one, the prophet (saw) Islam said in the riwaya that Imam Ahmed relates is that anybody who hears it should learn it. so that in itself is justification enough to learn the Dua. but it’s also prefaced by a statement that the prophet (saw) said whoever is suffering from depression. should recite this and if they recite it sincerely, then inshallah the depression will be removed. so this is an antidepressant Dua and I think there’s a secret in that it’s a Dua of asking Allah (swt) to make the Quran, the spring of your heart because the Quran will bring the heart back to life.

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