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The Best Way to Learn Arabic & Quran

But I don’t want any one of you to study Arabic until your thirst for it becomes uncomfortable, but you can’t take it anymore, because if you don’t have that kind of fire in you you will quit in a week.
first of all um I’m really impressed Always by your lectures if you talk about the Arabic language, and how insightful the Arabic language is, and how comprehensive and like I’m always fascinated how we explain it, and my question is how could I get a deeper understanding of the Arabic language and how could I study it, where could I study it, what methods are the best, and to get a deeper inside inside of the Quran, because if I read just a translation in German, when I’ve run in Pashto or something like that, I don’t really get it, and if I hear your lectures, I I try to I I get a deeper understanding and my goal is to go deeper into it by myself and how could I achieve this goal?

good job that’s what I want to hear, what I want to hear.
I want to make you guys feel Disturbed, why don’t I have this access myself?
I want to make you feel uncomfortable, and I want to turn that discomfort into a passion, because when you say I want to learn Arabic it felt cool, then you’re gonna get lazy, but when you feel the pain of not knowing it, then you will keep going until you know it, you understand me, part of the reason I’m giving these rules and showing you things on the screen and things like that is because I want you to feel the pain, I really want you to, hey I want to know that, I don’t know how can you, how did, how do you know that now the thing is I’m just telling you for myself. I studied Arabic I’ve talked about this bajillion times, but this is for you guys I couldn’t I was in New York, my parents left I was living by myself, I couldn’t afford the rent by myself.

So I had to get a shared apartment with a roommate, and his family lived upstairs and I shared the basement, and I couldn’t afford to go and study Arabic in some fancy place, I couldn’t even afford a train ticket much a plane much less a plane ticket.

So I’m sitting here working full-time going to College full-time, and I have the dream of learning Arabic, and I found somebody teaching an Arabic course, I’m like okay, I’m gonna do it, I would go to college in the morning work in the work of the evening and late at night I’m going to this Arabic class after two two trains and a bus, and then a long walk to get to the the class, I’m taking this Arabic class, which means I at least I got a start, and you know how long that class was, three weeks long, that’s it.

This is three weeks and then the teacher left, what do I do now, then I found some used books outside, the bookstore that I could afford, it was four dollars, I bought that and the book already had all these markings in it, I was like, I don’t care, I’m gonna learn from this, and I didn’t understand ninety percent of the book, so I kept taking a train from Queens to Brooklyn to ask the Imam followed up some Arab Imam, what’s this? what’s this? what’s this? and he’d be like and then he just keep answering my questions, and then like then I was like okay.

I need to save up a little bit get the next book, then get the next book, I bought, whatever used books, I could find in Arabic, because this is in 1835 we didn’t have Google, we did have PDF downloads, you know this is before those days, I come from the ancient times of cassette tapes, and somebody had a Sony Walkman, they were cool, you know.

So if I buy another used book the Cambridge Elementary Modern Standard Arabic book, which was written for in the 70s at Cambridge University in England, I found a used copy of it, and it was uh meant for people that want to work in the oil industry, back in the 70s, if you want to get a job in Dubai or Saudi or whatever go through this curriculum, and you’ll learn how to make, you know oil deals in the in the in the Arab world.

I went through that entire curriculum for my by myself, I did that book in one month, just plowed through it studies and while I’m working in the bottom of going to school while I’m going to college, what I’m trying to tell you is, I didn’t wait for someone to say, how do I begin?
I was like, I don’t care, I can’t wait, I’m gonna do whatever I can, and I just kept going and going and going and then I found one teacher another teacher another teacher another book then I was like I don’t know anything my God, by the time I got to like Advanced grammar, I was like bro I’ve been studying for two years, I didn’t know any of this, and then I started started studying that, and when I finished that, and I’m like, I don’t know anything, dude.

What is this and then I started studying that, so I just and then eventually I turned all of that into a curriculum like, if I had to go here here here here here here to find my path, I want to take the next generation of students to give them this, here’s here’s the path laid out for you, but and I didn’t have I honestly I didn’t have a teacher I could study with full time first of all I couldn’t afford it, and I couldn’t afford the time.

So all I had was either cassette tapes or old books or you know just pounding my head against the wall, that’s how I studied Arabic, but my focus was all these all the guys around me they were like oh I’m going to this Islamic lecture, I’m going to this conference, I’m going to this, I was like, that’s cool, I’m gonna study some Arabic memories, because I just wanted Quran, I just really wanted to taste the Quran, and focus just focus two years, three years, just stay with it, and what I’ve done now Alhamdulillah, I put the curriculum together, I’ll be talking to you guys, about that on the last day of class, about my Arabic curriculum, what you might be able to do.

But I don’t want any one of you to study Arabic until your thirst for it, becomes uncomfortable, like you can’t take it anymore, because if you don’t have that kind of fire in you, you will quit in a week, if not in a week, you’ll could in two weeks, but if the right fire is built inside you the thirst for just direct access to God’s speech, that thirst gets built inside you.

You will work, you’ll work hard, and then you will stop this generation, I don’t give you guys enough credit, there’s enough hard workers among you but one of the things that scares me about this generation is this is a generation of convenience, and we’re slowly coming out of that, you see but if the class is not in person, and it’s not in an air-conditioned room, I don’t know, I rather I’d rather study under this these these conditions, like the learning has to happen on your turn, because it’s like you’re ordering food at a restaurant, it has to you have to pick which toppings you want if you’re really thirsty for this knowledge, then you will get it any way possible and are there honestly are there more ways of accessing knowledge now than ever before in human history. yeah and we’re lazier now, than ever before in human history, it’s ironic, people used to travel across deserts man to learn two words, and now you could just Google it, you guys open up oh I know this YouTube video but it’s it’s too long, it’s like, it’s like two hours.

I don’t have two hours, can I is there a faster way to learn a zero, is there a McDonald’s version of Arabic?
Can you give me that, look if you want fast food you can get fast food, but you know what happens to your stomach after fast food.

You can get quick fix Arabic but if you want it long run I’m telling you those of you that are serious, I’ll give you a plan of action within a year, you can start to have direct access to them, and within two years you can become a very advanced, with and I’m talking about part-time I’m asking nobody to leave their job or school or family or you know goodbye I’m learning Arabic.

but you don’t have to see that, you could just you could do this part time, you could do this on your at home you could you can do it, I’m telling you you could I know it’s time for us to go.

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