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Compare Your Problems In Life To This Prophet’s Problem

Dear brothers and sisters, you spend your whole life crafting out a direction, a trajectory and as you get older and you look back.
At the twists and turns that, happened and you wonder, at those times when those twists and turns were happening, where am i going to end up?

and in the midst of something you don’t see the light. You don’t see the where that you’re going to end up.
Allah subhanallah we see that obviously, with trajectories more than anything else with families.
You know i will not forget as we’ve been dealing with so many debts in this community. recently so many uh people that are beloved to us a death that shook our community a few years ago the death of our the young sister zahra khan rahimahullah ta’ala and her parents who showed such sabr such love she was a daughter of the epic community.

and really a wonderful person, a wonderful young woman, masha’allah and a comment that was made by one of her parents that you know you spend that entire time and you want them to walk across the stage graduations weddings but how many people can say that their daughters are shuhada, Are martyrs.
It is a different trajectory. it is different altogether. but the disease that she died from was internal type of disease that we pray would be amongst those so you make these plans and the plan is to be in this place at this time as you draw out.

You know your plans for the future and subhanallah in the midst of the
twists and the turns you don’t know. Where the turn is taking you to.

it’s like a detour that shows up on a highway, and you have no idea where you’re going to end up as a result of that detour and when you’re in the midst of these types of twists and turns and these
trials the most common question that’s asked is
why is allah is putting me through this?

why is this happening to me?
and then you have,
where to and when which become two crippling questions as well that we need to treat, where to, where do, i end up at the end of this.

when will the relief from allah come?
the the element of needed closure, right, when and that’s something that inshallah we’ll talk about next week but i wanted to talk about the where to where do i end up you know i had all of these plans and then subhanallah this happened in my life.
so where am i going to end up you know.
Think about the young med school student, that was working and working and working and trying to get into medical school, and then twist okay where do i go now i have no idea what’s next and obviously that’s the less extreme example but a more common one right the the fear of where do i end up next!!

when you look at the prophet salallahu alayhi wasalam and the prophet saws saw this dream.
where he saw trees and greenery and thought that that land of acceptance was going to be in tha if finally after all of these years of oppression at the hands of his own people.
the hardship at the end of his own people and he goes to thoth and he knows we know what happens. there where yeah who am i left to now?
where do i end up, am i where am i meant to be.

right if it’s not mecca and it’s not that if where madina was not yatrib but the time was not really an option right where ya allah.
am i at the mercy of these cruel strangers or am i at the mercy of my
oppressive people.
back home who’s where am i who am i at the mercy of ya allah where where do i end up now where do i go from here.

subhanallah you know if you were to ask, anyone who’s going through these types of things and we know what happened in madinah and the acceptance of madinah there is a wisdom from Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala to the prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam in building the most perfect human being in the messenger that the prophet saws had to go through mecca and the boycott of mecca and the rejection of before he ended up in madinah.
allah azzawajal is capable of all things and in control of all things it could have been that as soon as he said iqra.

that the people of medina would have heard and was calling out bashiron as a caller towards good and would have accepted him and that entire headache would have been saved right but it was fundamental to the making of the prophet salallahu alayhi wasalam and where the prophet saws ends up because the prophet saws did not go to medina alone.

he had with him a group of people that had been tried. in the worst of ways in mecca there was a wisdom both to the prophet salallahu alayhi wasalam and to the companions but if you ask them in the year 611.
where do you think you’re going to end up and they drew out possibilities. medina would have probably been yethrib at the time medina would have been low on the list if it was even on the list as a whole.
but allah azzwazal, facilitated the prophet salallahu in
that direction and there is no person that we take more of this from than you and us is full of lessons and there is a reason why he’s the first prophet that Allah spoke about to the prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam in the capacity of the revelation of the quran

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