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When Allah Respond To Your Call

Verse number 186 of suratul baqarah allah says, o muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam when my worshippers ask you about me tell them that i am very very close. If you feel the closeness of allah you achieve peace. It protects you from evil. It gives you the hope. It makes you a person who’s looking forward to worshiping allah, who’s looking forward to seeking forgiveness any problem you have who do you call out to first allah.

Who do you call out to allah subhanahu wa ta’ala. So this verse continues where rasulullah sallallahu alaihi wasallam is being instructed to tell us. I respond.
Meaning allah is saying i respond to every caller as he calls. Imagine every one of us at the same time calling for different things. Allah hears everyone and responds to everyone at the same moment and the time. Amazing, Allahu Akbar!

Each one of us has different issues, some have even the medical issues, everyone has a unique medical condition may allah grant us cure and may he have rahmah (mercy) those who passed away. So my brothers and sisters, never underestimate calling out to allah like we said yesterday the month of Ramadan when we get up we are getting up with the intention of suhur in the morning. That is the blessed moment spend some time call out to allah he is near that’s what he says.

I am very near i respond to the call of every caller when he calls out may allah’s blessings be upon us so don’t underestimate the power of dua it is indeed the ingredient of inner peace.
Continue calling repeat your dua draw a list of your dua keep on saying it again and again a year two years three years like we said yesterday you will be Ticking off your list as time passes. May allah subhanahu watala grant us goodness part of the gift of allah is, he keeps us in need. If we were not in need one wonders whether we would have turned to allah or not?

So the gift of allah is when you are in need you turn to your maker you come to prayer you abstain from sin you make promises to allah. Allah says, my Worshipper!
I love you so much i made you in need. Because i was waiting for you to come to me when you had no need you were not coming to me. We love you so much look at your condition you are crying your tears are rolling your heart is soft.

Allahu akbar we wanted this condition so we kept you in need may allah fulfill our needs.

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