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A Big Sign That You Have A Purified Heart

One Time Rasulallah (saw) was invited by an Arabi a villager a very humble man in a very humble area in a very humble house. Did he accept the invite?
yes, he did. Muhammad (saw) went to the arabi’s house. this Bedouin, he honored the guest, Rasulallah (saw) and of course Rasulallah honored him by his presence. then the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) he says
now you come to my place. so the prophet went to the Bedouin. the prophet told him, next time you come over my place.

So this man took the invite the Arabi, he goes to Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ)’s place and Rasulallah(ﷺ) he honored the guests. the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) before the Arabi leaves, he said
ask, make a wish, Allahu Akbar, Ask whatever you want, so what does he ask for?
he says, I want a camel pregnant camel, and a lot of sheep and goats so I can have it pass it down to my family, that’s my wish.

So Rasulallah (ﷺ) is gonna give us all the ummah of Muhammad a teaching lesson from right here. He tells the sahaba were you guys not able to be like the old lady from the children of Israel?
So what did the sahaba say? and who is the old lady from the children of bani israel, you’re talking thousands of years ago.

So Rasulallah (ﷺ) is going to share with us a story, this authentic Hadith. he said, when Musa (as) was seeking to escape Egypt with Bani Israel and run away from firaun as they’re approaching the sea before the sea split, they lost their way.
So Musa says mahadha?
Musa is like struggling. where’s the way?
We lost away what’s going on?

The scholars from Bani Israel at that time they told Musa I think we know why. tell us yusuf (as) the first one from Bani Israel to move to Egypt as he was dying, he told Bani Israel if you ever were to leave Egypt, take my body with you, and we did not take his body.

So Musa (as) says and okay and where is his body?
let’s dig the grave if that’s what the command of the Prophet we honor the command we dig the grave they said no one knows it subhanallah except one person. who is that person?

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