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The Role Model (Prophet ﷺ‎) – Things that he hated

Today we’ll talk about the things he hated and this is not strange, because as human beings we tend to love and hate. we tend to be pleased and angry, and the Prophet (ﷺ‎) Allah is indeed a perfect human being, but when we look at the things he hated it was not for personal reasons. it was not for his own ego, (ﷺ‎). As we know that he was the most humble person on Earth, rather the things he hated were attributed to being sins and things that offended Allah azzawajal, and that is why he had this hate to them.

So let us look, through some of the things that the Prophet (ﷺ‎) hate it and learned from these things. for example the Prophet (ﷺ‎) hated a segment of people. what are their characteristics. he said among the dearest of you to me and those who will be seated closest to me on the day of Resurrection are the best of you in attitude, and the most hateful of you to me and those who will be seated furthest away from me on the day of Resurrection, are those who number one talk too much, number two those who talk down to people in an affected Manner, and number three those who are long-winded and pompous.

those who talk a lot, the prophet (ﷺ‎) is hated them, why?

he himself people could count the words that come out of his mouth, but they were filled with wisdom and Iman, and would only get you closer to Allah azzawajal, and hence he did not like those who talked a lot, because those who talk a lot usually talk in vain, and there is nothing beneficial from what they say, Allah says in the Quran
no good is there in much of their private conversation except for those who enjoy in charity or that which is right or conciliation between the people, most of our conversations are based on what unworthy matters on things that have no benefit, and every time you ask people what are you doing, they’re saying to you we’re killing time a crime that time did not commit, yet it’s being punished for why do you kill time?

they just waste their times in idle talk, The prophet (ﷺ‎) did not like wasting time in speaking like this without any benefit, and Allah stated in this Ayah that if you enjoy in charity this is something Allah loves, if you speak about that things that are right, so anything that is beneficial, whether in this life or in the Hereafter or that can get you closer to Allah, this is something that Allah loves and thirdly when you reconcile between fighting factions between two who have Feud among themselves then this is something that Allah loves.

Also the prophet (ﷺ‎) said that he does not like those who talk down to people in an affected manner, who despise people who make fun of people, and thirdly and those are a segment that usually when they speak they fill up their mouths with big words and expressions and even the way they talk, they don’t talk normally, rather they speak in an exaggerated way, in a way that you would abhor, you don’t think that this is natural, it’s all made up and such people usually do this to draw attention, that we have knowledge.

that we speak especially when people speak in Arabic language, and they speak in a certain fashion, that is not natural, this is not how they usually speak to one another, but because they’re giving a speech they tend to inflate themselves and this is different from perfecting your words and what you say in order to have a good impact on the listener, that is totally different, there’s nothing wrong in that, what’s wrong is to show off, and to try to flex your muscles through your oration, and your speech where people would not feel comfortable, when you do that.

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