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Allah Won’t Forgive This Type Of Heart

when he forgives all people certain categories he won’t second one is, all mushahin. a person who holds in his heart, grudge and hate, and ill-feeling and malice towards others. clean your heart my brothers and sisters if you’re a Mumin [Believer] and you want paradise, clean your heart, even those who you disagree with or those who disagree with you, just have a clean feeling towards them even people who hate you and who don’t like you in your heart you don’t need to have that enmity and hatred and malice and dirt, but rather you can stay away comfortably but with respect, with dignity, with kindness with good words

You see when there are two people and they don’t like each other. You find one swearing the other one backbiting about the other and he is showing his enmity and hatred and the other is just saying alhamdulillah how are you my brother?
Assalaamu alaykum everything okay?

And that’s it, he doesn’t say much more, but in his heart he doesn’t hold the grudge. He says never mind, that’s my brother he doesn’t like me, we have a misunderstanding perhaps allah will one day sort out his heart as for my heart, it’s clean, that is a mumin.
You deserve jannah, you know why?

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