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How Can A Person Evaluate Himself Without Destroying Their Confidence

it’s just a general question that I have um so we know that the Prophet [S.A.W] was especially Brave and the best of all role models in his character and conduct. So how should one balance between evaluating their own self without arrogance as in their level of religiosity their sins and mistakes maybe their character without destroying their own confidence, maybe exaggerating their own thoughts and letting that affect their bravery.

I have no idea this is too philosophical for me it’s way above my pay grate. all what I know is I go through the Sirat of the Prophet [S.A.W] I go through his simatil muhammadia which I made a series of few months ago it’s being aired on Huda TV and inshallah soon it will be aired on Z TV as well, and I follow the footsteps of the Prophet [S.A.W] I know I have a limit, I cannot be as generous, or as courageous, or as truly believing and trusting Allah azza wajjal as a Prophet this is way beyond our ability because he’s the prophet and we are who we are?
however he was sent to us to be a role model and we were ordered to follow him in to the best of our ability. So we do the best we can and hope for the rest from Allah azza wajjal and Allah Knows Best.

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