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When Sins Just Start Feeling Normal Nouman Ali

When shaytan makes his way into your heart, evil deeds start looking beautiful. They start looking tempting, they start looking good. If the remembrance of allah is in your heart. Evil deeds will look ugly.
They will………………
Allah made disbelife and corruption and disobedience disgusting to you. If you have iman in your heart, those things look disgusting. You’re not even

You could drive by a club and say, astaghfirullah, la haula walakuata illabillah, what a waste of humanity. What a disgrace to the son of adam, and he was honored with such intellect and what worse life than animals they live.

You would spit at it. But if shaytan made his way his way in, you’re like hey why do i just pull over for a little while. Now it’s starting to look beautiful. This
Is the difference between the one who’s let him in and the one who hasn’t let him in. Where do we stand, when we see something evil are we tempted by are we disgusted by it tells us how much we’re remembering allah, what the state of iman is.

If iman is beautified, disbelief, kufr, corruption will look evil and if shaytan has finally found an entrance then the other way around. So allah gave is a mercy of allah. He gave him access to the chest but not access to the heart. That is our responsibility. That is our responsibility. May allah give us the ability to protect our hearts. Who is better at whisper, the human being or the jinn?
Who takes the primary role?

The jinn. Also the waswasa of the jinn…………
As the ulama comment, it is original. In other words, if a human being is whispering something evil to you, it may or may not be his original idea, he myself have plagiarized it from a shaitan, from a jinn to begin with.
But when a jinn does waswasa, it is his own, it’s his original. So the source is mentioned first minal jinnah and then the secondary one nas and here we learn something else, vehicles, shaitaan uses vehicles. This minal jinnah can be …….Also what that means is. Iblees uses jinns and uses people to conduct
His waswasa. He uses them to conduct his waswasa. So you know that was waswasa of shaytaan can come to you through your best friend.

You hear his voice on the phone. You don’t hear iblees’s voice. But you know what. He’s at that point is s a puppet for iblees. And he especially does this with kuffar. Not as much with muslims but especially with kuffar.

Young man is going to college, trying to guard his shame. He’s a good looking guy, you know, he decides man, these girls give me too much attention. I got to grow a beard. Because you grow a beard automatic girl deterrent, right?

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