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3 Ways To Become A Friend Of Allah

How To Become a friend Of allah ?

The Awliya (friends) of allah these close friends of Allah are very much so scattered amongst the people and you don’t know who they are and that’s what makes this so interesting. You don’t know who awlia allah (a friend) of Allah is, in fact some of the olia (The Friends) of allah of themselves don’t know that.

They’re waliya (friends) of allah. They don’t quite understand how much Allah loves them and how they could have ascended in those ranks and there are 3 (three) ways that Ulema mentioned.
that a person that status of that special friendship with Allah (subhanahu wa’tala).
The one that the prophet (ﷺ) narrated in hadith Qudsi that Allah has said
who will help me That whoever takes a Wali (Friend) of mine someone that is that beloved to me of mine, that special friend of mine as an enemy I will wage war on him.

May Allah let us be the friend and not the one having war waged upon them by Allah (subhanahu wa’tala) both very beautiful and very scary at the same time because again because the friend they’re hidden.

Ali (R.A) said Allah has hidden two things amongst the people.
He’s hidden his pleasure in his good deeds, so you don’t know which of the good deeds is the one that unlocks. His pleasure and Allah has hidden His awlia. His Special friends amongst the people. You don’t know who you’re dealing with literally you don’t know who you’re dealing with when you’re dealing with that person, but also doesn’t mean a person goes out and commits major sins and says well I might just be that Wali (friend) of Allah, no no.

There’s a person that’s striving to reach that position and then there is the person that has that unlocked for them and Allah says whoever reaches that position I will wage war on the one who harms that person IBN Al Qayyim (R) Said how many nations how many nations have been protected or destroyed because of a Wali (friend) Within them or against them.

one or two people that Allah holds in such high regard in such high standard. now there’s something instructive about this, the take away from this is not just that I’m just gonna sit back and hope make dua, Oh allah make me a wali three things that allow a person to attain that state.

3 Ways To Become A Friend Of Allah
3 Ways To Become A Friend Of Allah

the first one is that you do, you fulfill the obligations and you do good until you taste the sweetness of that good which is the pleasure of Allah and that becomes your unique driving force in life.
the pleasure of Allah the Rida of Allah.
becomes your exclusive driving force in life.

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