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Ten Tactics of Shaytan – Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi

Today inshallah we’re going to go over over 10 aspects that the Quran mentions are the tactics of shaitaan and in Suratul Fajar in both rakaat I recited various surahs that mentioned two of these ten tactics. So we’re going to go over inshallah. A number of them and the reason being Allah S.W.T has explained to us what these tactics are, and when you know the tactics of your enemy, then obviously you are more prepared, right. if you know about scam callers telling you about some Prince that has left you some fortune, and you know this is a reality when somebody calls and says oh I have a fortune to leave you send me your bank details.

You know this scam if you don’t know this scam you might fall for it. So Allah Azzawajal has explained to US 10 scams of shaytan 10 techniques actually there’s more than ten but today we’re going to go over 10 techniques. that are explicitly mentioned in the Quran that shaytan uses to call us to commit sins.


The first of them is the one that actually is so trivial that Allah azzawajal Has Lifted from us the sin when shaytan does it but it is a tactic and we should be aware of it, and that is the tactic of distracting us to the point of causing us to forget. So one thing that shaytan does, and it is a tactic we should be aware of but if it so happens that shaytan is successful Allah is so merciful we are actually not held to account. So shaytan will cause us to forget something that we should be doing. time to pray Asar is going, you said Inshallah no problem and then next thing you know Asar is gone and you have forgotten that you had to pray Asar if it is a genuine forgetting genuine you didn’t really it’s not your fault

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