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Allah Will Not Let You Pray Alone

And you know subhan’allah, when people are always talking about.

How do we expel the shayateen from the home?

How to expel the jinn?

And the reality is, is that you invite the malaikah into your home with the recitation of the quran and with the presence of prayer and remembrance and those things naturally would expel.
The opposite of them which are the shayateen which are the devils, and so you want to have a strong share of your prayer for the home and you want your home.

To basically be like a masjid in the sense that, it’s a home of praise, a home where Allah (subhanahu watala) is worshipped frequently and you want to have an allocation of that .

Now one of the things that’s that’s very powerful when you’re thinking about the malaika when you’re thinking about the angels.
Is when you pray at home you’re not alone.

Okay so even if you’re not surrounded by rows of people you’re certainly not alone said ibn al-musayyab (r.) he narrates that no one goes into prayer even if they’re on waterless, desolate land. But you’re praying all alone except that an angel would pray to your right, an angel to your left and angels would pray behind you and angels the sizes of mountains are praying behind you.


Can you imagine you’re entering into salah you’re entering into prayer in your bedroom in your living room and in your dining room. Your office wherever it is And you think it’s just you and there are angels the size of mountains that are praying behind you.

you’re saying allahu akbar wouldn’t that cause you to think a little bit more instead of going you know to actually think about the way.
that you’re reciting and to take more seriously the moment obviously the most serious element of it is that you’re standing before alla
but as you’re standing before allah you have these angels the sighs of mountains that are praying behind you.

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