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2 Sounds Allah Hates

Two sounds Allah curses and that is mizmar, which is kind of like a trumpet. It’s a musical instrument. The use of musical instruments at the time of a blessing. This is a curse, and the sound of bells. At the time of a calamity and this hadith is one of the hadith that’s used as proof. That musical instruments are impermissible in islam. I’ll give you an example.

What does it mean?
Using musical instruments at the time of blessing. Do you realize today that, if Allah (s.w.t) blessed someone and gave him the ability to get married?

And after all these blessings Allah has given him what happens?

Instead of them a husband and wife thanking allah for the blessing of marriage and that he made it easy for them. What do they do?

Instead they invite a musical band to stay up till the end of the night. Isha prayer is missed, salatul Fajar its gone a long time ago. would you consider this thanking allah for the blessing of marriage?

This is how Shaytan works. This is how he makes the people ungrateful to the blessings of allah (s.w.t) allahu akbar! 

Allah [azzawajal] he says 

وَإِذْ زَيَّنَ لَهُمُ الشَّيْطَانُ أَعْمَالَهُمْ
(Surah Al-Anfal:48)

that shaytan beautifies and he decorates this sins for the people and he decorates the sins for the people he decorates it for them subhan allah.

nabi in hadith he tells us that one of the signs of the day of judgment at the end of time people will give the haram a name other than its name for example what’s it? Called today?

Benefits you see how nice that name sounds benefits, the denounced name the negative name, the haram name that we know about but today the banks would call it benefits. as zena in the world it’s not called that what do they call it ?

They call it entertainment personal services like a beautiful name to it, subhan allah. This is the plan of shaytan. You better be careful my brothers and sisters is islam as shaytan takes the nasty name. That we know for the sin the repulsive name that allah gave the sins. The negative name that’s given to them and he converts it in something beautiful that sounds pleasing to the ease and pleasing to the hearts az zina! Az zina! It’s called personal service?

And you see the brothels that are out there, what kind of names people give them?

What kind of beautiful names people give them. moonlight for example and other names that are pleasing to the e and pleasing to the heart, alcohol what do they call alcohol spirits?

You know in Arabic they call it it’s like a spiritual drink that uplifts your spirit. When Allah called it al- khamar you see the word al- khamar?

That kha in it, it gives it the nastiness that khamar is, it’s the plan of the shaytan. he removes the nasty name of the haram and he replaces it with something that sounds pleasing to the ease, subhan allah, subhan allah, it is incredible!

When allah [azzawajal] spoke about iman, he said quran
As for a believer allah [azzawajal] made indeed to his heart al- iman, the believer sees sweetness in iman, he sees happiness, his eyes become cool and delighted when he sees the worship of allah. When he hears the word of allah calling into the worship of allah and the fact that allah decorated and beautified iman in our hearts that means the hearts, they are allergic to sins the heart of a true believer it’s allergic to sins.

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