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The Worshipper That Went To Hell

Wahb ibn munabbih has related the following lengthy story, that is quoted by Ibn Al-jawzi, talbess ibless, a story of a worshiper from the people of the book. we presented here to show the way of shaitan and his attempt to mislead mankind. the story warns humans about shaytan’s sincere advice.

In Surah Al-Araf, Allah says and he swore unto them, saying Lo I’m a sincere advisor unto you.

there was a Pious worshiper of the tribe of Israel, he was the most Pious person of his time during his time there were three brothers who had a sister and they had no sister other than her.

they were all about to leave the town to go to war, they didn’t know with whom to leave their sister and who they could trust to look after her, they all agreed to leave her with that Pious person. They all trusted him, they went to him and asked if they could leave her with him she would be in the building next to him until they returned from the fighting, he refused the request and sought refuge in Allah from them and their sister. they persisted until he finally agreed he said put her in the house next to my place of worship.

So they put her in that house and they left leaving her, there she remained living next to that Pious person for some time, he would put food for her in front of his building of worship, then he would lock the door and return to his place of worship, he would then tell her to come out of her house and take the food, then Shaytan approached him Softly, he encouraged him to treat her kindly, he told him, but it was not good to make the woman come out of her house during the day, as someone may come upon her.

if he had took the food directly to her door, that would mean a greater reward for him, he continued for some time to go to our door and place the food at the front of her door without speaking to her, then iblis came again and encouraged him to do good and get more reward.

He said if you took her the food and place it in the house for her you would get a greater reward, he continued to encourage him, so he started to take the food into her house she continued like that for some time. Then Iblis came again and again encouraged him to do good he said if you talk to her for a while she will be put to ease by her conversation as she is in a state of fear and she’s alone.
He then started talking to her from atop his place of worship, then Iblis came again he said if you were to come down and talk to her while she sits at her door and talks to you, that would be even more comforting for her, he continued to encourage him until he came down and sat at his door and would talk to her.

The girl would come out of her building and sit at her door and they would talk for a while. Then iblis came again and encouraged him to get rewards for treating her well. He said if you were to go from the door of your place of worship and sit close to her door that would be even more comforting for her, he continued exhorting him until he did so, he continued that act for a while did iblis came again, this time he said if you enter her house and talk to her and not make her show her face in public, it would be even better for you, he continued exhorting him until he entered her house and spent the whole day talking to her.

Then when night fell he returned to his place of worship then Iblis came to him after that, and continued to make her more appealing to him until the worshiper got upon her and kissed her and Iblis continued to make her look nice in his eyes and desire her until he finally had sex with her.
She got pregnant and gave birth to a boy, then iblis came and told the worshiper, do you not realize what the brothers of the girl will do to you, when they see she has given birth to her son, you won’t be safe if your matter becomes clear you should go to the boy and slay it and bury it.

That way you can conceal your Affair and they will not do anything to you for what you did to her, then he said to him do you think she will conceal from her brothers, what you did to her and your slaying of her son take her slay her and bury her with her son, he continued spurring him on until he slew her and threw her in the ditch with her son, then he put a large rock over them and leveled it.
then he returned to his place of worship and worshiped therein he stayed in that state for as long as Allah willed until the brothers came back from the fighting, they came back to him and asked him about their sister. he mourned her laws and started to cry he said she was the best of women and that is her grave.

The brothers came to the grave and cried over their sister and asked Allah to have mercy on her, they stayed at her grave for a few days and then went to their families when the night overtook them and they went to their beds shaytan came to them in their sleep in the form of a traveler, he started with the eldest and asked him about their sister the brother told him what the pious man had stated and how they were shown her grave.

Shaitan told him that the pious man had lived, he said he didn’t tell you the truth about your sister, she got her pregnant and she had his son and then he slayed and buried her out of fear of you, then he threw them in a ditch he dug behind the door of the house she was staying in no one entered the house in which she stayed and on the right of the entrance you will find everything I told you about.

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