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you look young, I know I don’t, may Allah bless you grant you goodness Habibi, look I’m gonna tell you two things, that’s just the blindness of the people.
number one they can’t see you age, but your kids can, your family can, everyone can, I’m a grandfather I’m sure you’re aware of that, and at the same time many of my kids are actually married, mashallah but the truth of the matter I think if you watch carefully, I don’t hold things in my heart, not at all I don’t even mind you could have said what you’ve done if I’ve disappeared or I’ve blocked someone it’s not because I’m angry or or upset or something, we are human we would probably to a certain level but that level with me is is not it’s not a matter of concern.

I’ll leave it, let it be live your life, thank Allah for everything and keep going, keep going and I think maybe that might have contributed towards making you look a little bit less than what what your age actually is, you know how old do you think I am?
they will guess correctly, so they’ve just Googled it quickly, okay let’s not say anything, Wikipedia Lies by the way, Wikipedia lies, that’s a that’s a fact, sorry that’s a fact.
So don’t believe everything you read online, another good thing is when I was young my dad used to always correct the expression on my face with his finger that’s a fact.

So whenever I used to scrunch my face he used to put his finger between my eyes here and he used to say don’t do that, he used to always say don’t do that I said but why he says and he said you’ll have lines on your forehead very quickly, and so if you notice my Expressions a lot of the times I’m either smiling or I just have a straight face subhanallah, that might have helped thanks to my dad so it’s a quick piece of advice you guys a bit too late in the lives of some right, but you can still try mashallah.

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