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Meaning Of Your Dreams

What Is Dreams ?

Dreams we Learn in the quran and Sunnah. can occur from Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala and they can occur from Shaytaan and they can occur from you own imagination.

Types Of Dreams ?

we said, dream are of three types.

First Types

Number one dreams of your imagination. in areabic this is called حديث نفس “Hadees-un-Nafs” comes from imagination.

So for example one of us, is Wanting a very Fancy car. You want to buy The latest Model of the Jaguar or the mercedes benz Or Something, right. You are thinking about it, Day Dreaming.
you go to sleep , low and behold!
you are driving the car,
this is your “Hadees-un-Nafs” (حديث نفس) . This is your imagination And Scientists say, this is not from scholars but Scientists say, Scientists studey dreams, there are special groups of Scientists who study dreams.

I find this very tickling that, ma sha allah. if they fell asleep on the job, they are the only group of people that can say we are working.
while we fall asleep, so there are scientists who study dreams. these scientists they tell us, that this type of dream occurs every night.
There is a phase in our sleep. when it is called REM (Rapid Eye Movement). There is a phase in our sleep every single night.

Sign Of “Hadees-un-Nafs”

Where everybody dreams, now the sign of this dreams. you all know it.
when you wake up!
The dream is absolutely fresh. but then within 5 seconds what happens?
its gone.
this is the indication, this is this type of dream, its your imagination and external impluses affect this type of dream. so if somebody throws water on your face, you are going to dream that you are drowning of something. if you hear your alarm clock go off. it will somehow affect your dream. correct …

you will something will happen in your sleep. if somebody is calling you.
wake up! wake up! its time for fajr.
you will in your dreams it will be translated. that somebody is waking you up. correct!!!

That type of dream has nothing to do with good or bad. It is your own imagination “Hadees-un-Nafs” (حديث نفس) and the sign of it you dont remember it at all. you wake up and within 5 minutes by the time it is middle of the day. You dont even remember anything about the dream, This is the sign “Hadees-un-Nafs” (حديث نفس).

Second Types

Second types of dream , it is called in arabic “Hulm (حلم) ” and “Hulm (حلم)” is an evil dream , in english we call it “a nightmare” and these types of came from shaytaan.

Sign Of “Hulm (حلم)”

the sign of this “Hulm (حلم)” is that. it terrifies you , you see something evil, something disgusting, you see, your loved one die a miserable death. you see yourself in a car accident. you see yourself being chased by evil, alliens or beasts or something like this. this type of dream is just the shayateen, wanting to irritate you, they are playing a joke, a practical joke on you.

Meaning Of Your Dreams
Meaning Of Your Dreams

They are irritating you, why ?
because you are a muslim or even if you are not a muslim. the non muslims have nightmares as well. but this is the shayateen playing with you.
at your expense and these types of nightmares are never ever ever true. nobody should believe this nightmares and our Prophet (ﷺ) said, that nightmares should not be told to anybody, if you see an evil dream, dont go tell other people about it.

Because shaytaan is making a fool of you once a man came to the Prophet (ﷺ) and he said, o messenger of allah! i saw my head get cut off in the nightmare and it was rolling like a ball and i m running after it to pick it up.
the Prophet (ﷺ) said Dont tell other people, how Shaytaan played with you last night. dont go tell other people this, he is laughing now when you go tell him.

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