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Is Boxing or Mixed Martial Arts Sport Halaal in Islam–Zakir Naik

Is Boxing or Mixed Martial Arts Sport Halaal in Islam
Dr Zakir Naik

My name is syed baizid islam i’m from bangladesh. Is boxing or mma mixed martial arts fighting’s income halal in islam. A similar question is asked, my name is amar nazeer ahmad from india. I am a big fan of your work sir. I want to ask you whether if mma mixed martial arts is haram, as you know
Our muslim brother khabib is famous in it he is an inspirational fighter, can you please guide all our muslim brothers and me.

Whether to join these sports or not. The basic question posed is that is boxing permitted is mixed martial arts mma permitted. Can we take part in the sports in this competition?
As far as boxing is concerned, before i give the opinion of the muslim scholars. As far as boxing is concerned there are many non-muslims, who are against this port and they say this is not a sport at all because it harms the human being. There are many non-muslim organizations. Which have objected and have asked that this boxing should be removed from the international sports. It is not a sport at all.

As far as islam is concerned, any sport which is beneficial for the human being which helps the human being, and i have got no harm it should be done.
But if the sport is not beneficial and is harmful for the human body. Then you should abstain from it. So these non-muslim organizations they have filed petitions in many countries, unfortunately most of the countries have disagreed. Except sweden. Sweden is the only country which has agreed to ban boxing as a sport. If you read the huna magazine which published from london.

They say in the magazine that from 1945 to 1983 in a span of 38 years 350 boxers have died. Because of injuries during the boxing match, and there are tens of thousands who have been injured. So based on this they want to ban the sport, because it is harmful for the human being.

As far as the islamic ruling is concerned. We know that our beloved prophet muslim said
That when two of the sahabahs were wrestling, he said that do not hit on the face. The prophet prohibited from hinting on the face. We also know that when the lady who was given the punishment of stoning to death because of adultery the prophet said do not stone her face. Imagine. When there is a hath penalty given when a person is adultery and this punishment given even at that time the prophet said they do not hit at the face. So in islam Hitting at the face or injuring the face is not permitted.

So based on this, if you compare and see in boxing. In boxing you get points especially when there’s a boxing match. And you get more points if you hit at the face the maximum point that you get is hitting at the face and the best match you can win is with a knockout punch. That means the more you harm the opponent the more points you get, this is again the concept of islam.

Based on this according to imam nawawi, he says that this port it should not be permitted it’s not islamic. Because you’re humming the body hitting On the face, based on that this port is not permitted. So based on this hadith of not to harm the face not to harm the human body, most of the scholars they say that boxing and any type of martial art which causes injury to the human being. In which it involves hitting of the face and injury of the human being it is not permitted.

However there are some scholars who say that if you are learning boxing or some martial arts for self defense without involving in competition, because in competition you have to attack your opponent you have to hit him you have to beat him. Others you cannot win so they say that if you train yourself
In boxing or martial arts only for self self-defense or only for health reason or also being prepared for jihad etc but it doesn’t involve in competition where you have to hit the other person, in this it is permitted this is said only by some scholars.

But the majority scholars say involving in boxing as well as martial arts where there is injury to the human body and attacking the other person, it is prohibited.

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