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Why Hitting The Face Is Haram

Why hitting the face is haram (boxing, mma, super slap). The Prophet Salallahu Alayhi Wasalam banned us from hitting people in the face, it’s haram to do that. 350 Boxers have died, because of injuries during the boxing match and there are tens of thousands of injured.
The Prophet salallahu alayhi wasalam said do not hit the face, and it is prohibited to hit the face.

Up to 40 percent of ex boxers have been found to have symptoms of chronic brain injury and this is due to the repeated blows to the head.
In boxing you get points, you get more points if hit at the face, and the best match you can win is with a
Knock knock punch.
That means the more you harm, the opponent the more points you get most of the scholars they say that boxing and any type of martial art which causes injury to the human being, in which it involves hitting of the face and injury of the human being it is not permitted.

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