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Why Angel Jibreel is Special to Allah

Jibreel is the first living breathing creature of allah, he is the first creature thats ever gien a sould without any parents, without anything, without any prerequisites to it.

He was simply brought into existence, he was the first thing brought into existence with a sould, how is the brought into existence?
You know when babies are born they make all these noises and they figure things out, right?

Their cute noises sometimes and their not so cute noises at other times. They make all these noises and they start getting to baba and mama or whatever it is that they get to, right?

What about the malaika ?

What about jibreel (AS)?

when he was brought into existence, what did he say?

Saeed ibn musayyib [ra] narrates:
“As the angels are brought into existence, they say la hawla wala quwwata illa billah: there is no power or might except that of good [allah] we have none”.

so as jibreel was brought existence, this first soul, he said”la hawla wala quwwata illa billah” and as these angels are constantly being created, because they`re perpetually being created, they have no gender, they have no desires, they have nothing to distract them from worshiping their creator.
they all come into existence saying la hawla wala quwwata illa billah.

so that one interpretation that he is the first and there’s some evidence to that, inshallah ta’ala now, how old is jibreel [as]?

What is his age, right?
We said that one of the reasons is that he is the first creature that’s been given a spirit. What is the evidence for that statement?
It’s the authentic hadith of the prophet [S.A.W]:
“when allah created paradise and hell-fire he sent jibreel to go look at jannah”

which tells you that jibreel was there before jannah or hell-fire even existed. Now obviously human beings and jin dont come into the picture, until after the creation of heaven and hell, alright?

And obviously jibreel is sayyidul malaika, he’s the chief of the angels, so it makes sense that he’s the first of them that’s created. so this is our first encounter now that we see between jibreel and allah [swt] allah creates paradise and hell-fire and he sends jibreel to go look at paradise and he says” ya jibreel, o jibreel, go see jannah, go look and it and see what i ‘ve prepared for the inhabitants of it”

Now, no one has been created but Allah says” jibreel, go look at it and see what i`ve prepared for those that will eventually enter into jannah” and subhanallah, what’s profound about that, you know that new car smell?
That new house smell, right?

Now with jannah obviously it always has the new jannah smell, it always is new, right?
It just never gets old, right? But jibreel is the first one to feast his eyes on that place with its rivers and palaces and mansions and subhanallah, everything that he saw. so jibreel comes back to allah [swt] with a sense of excitement and he says: he said “i swear by your glory, o allah, no one’s gonna hear about this place except that they’re going to enter it”

I don’t care who they are, what kind of creation they are, no one’s gonna know that a place like this exists and miss out on it, right?
Then rasool allah (s.a.w) said allah surrounded jannah with obstacles, hardships, it’s not that easy, he wanted to show jibreel, it’s not like that.

He sends jibreel back into jannah to look at it again, jibreel (as) comes back, first time he was excited, the second time?

He’s worried he said:
“I swear by your glory, now I’m afraid no ones gonna get into jannah” right? How are they gonna get past these hardships and these obstacles?

then allah sent jibreel (as) to look at hell-fire and he said
“look at it and see what i have prepared for its inhabitants”
jibreel came back to allah (swt) and he said:
“i swear by your glory no ones gonna hear about hell-fire and enter it”

when people know what hell-fire is like they are going to make sure that they avoid the things that will cause them enter into it, so one one’s gonna enter hell-fire

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