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Rare Things About Angel Jibreel You Didn’t Know

now dear brothers and sisters, what’s our relationship with jibreel(AS) right now?

You know one of my favorite things about teaching this class in particular, Subhanallah, one of my favorite things about talking about Jibreel (AS) as opposed to talking about some of the Companions of the messenger(S.A.W)?

Is that you can actually interact with jibreel (AS) right now, you know how?

you know how?

the prophets (S.A.W) he says in an authentic hadith and actually Anas (RA) says Abu Talaha says, “one time the Prophet (S.A.W)” “all of a sudden his face was just full of joy” so he said to him “Ya Rasool Allah, what is it?

May Allah keep you happy, he said “Jibriel just came to me, aren’t
you pleased O Muhammad SAW why Selim that no one says Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam except that I send salawat upon them ten times?

gibreel alayhis-salam as well Allah and the angels send their salawat on the prophets (S.A.W) and when you send The salawat on the prophets (S.A.W) gibreel alayhis-salam responds to you as well, Allah responds to you and jibreel (AS) responds to you, so you want GIBREEL (AS) to say your name right now?

Say Sallallaahu Alaihi wasallam

what about now?

does he stop coming to the earth now?
is he gone?
does he know never come down anymore?

actually the prophet sallallaahu he said, one time he came out and this is
hadith narrated by muabhi (RA) we were just sitting in the masjid and we were talking and suddenly the prophet (S.A.W) came out to us and the prophets (S.A.W) he said to us what are you talking about?

they said Ya Rasool allah we’re just talking about how lucky we
are, how blessed we are to be guided to a islam. the prophets (S.A.W) said is that all you were talking about?

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