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Why Angel Jibreel Hated firaun and Afraid

Why Jibreel Hated Firaun ?

The narration that we see an authentic mention of Jibreel , and the story of Musa is actually with his enemy. it’s with Firaun and it’s authentic hadith in Tirmidhi. that gibreel came to the Prophet (ﷺ) and he told the Prophet (ﷺ) you should have seen me the day, that Firaun died. now why would Jibreel even be telling him this.

Because it’s a….. you know like, you want to know what I did to Firaun the day he died. no, it’s to show the prophets (ﷺ) like look Abu jahl is a mini firaun, Wait to see what happens to him and Abu Lahab, don’t worry you should have seen me the day Firaun died.

Prophets (ﷺ) said what happened ?

Jibreel (A.S) said as he was drowning in the bottom of the sea, he said I went and I found him and I started kicking dirt into his mouth

He Said because I was afraid that he would say la ilaha illa allah ,
that he would repent and Allah would have mercy on him.

who does this hadith tell you about more than Jibreel (A.S) ?

Allah right,

Who knows Allah better than gibreel ?

And Jibreel knows, that allah is so merciful. that even firaun has a chance and, he was afraid that with that one moments of repentance. Allah would void all of those years of corruption and tyranny and by the way you know I know that you know we like to compare modern-day dictators to firaun, rightfully so, but Firaun is the worst.

all right, you’ve got to understand that you know I know and this is the consensus of the scholars. Right, that Firaun is the worst human being. I mean he combines all of the worst qualities in a person. that’s ever been created you know through mankind. he’s here, right and he’s the worst of them all, and a lot of times people say well this dictators is worse than Firaun. No he’s not worse than Firaun, no tyrants worse than firaun, Jibreel is worried that firaun has a chance with Allah Subhanau Watala, now did gibreel run his fate ?

Now Did jibreel mess it up for him?

no, Allah told to gibreel after that,
يا جبريل وعزتي وجلالي لو استغاثني واستغفرني لغفرت له
ye jibreel I swear by my glory and my honor that if he would have sought forgiveness from me sincerely. I still would of forgiven him. you putting dirt in his mouth would not have stopped it.

okay I still would have forgiven him, now here’s the thing. you might think well why the dirt in the mouth ?

when wicked people die anyway the Malaika do what, the Angels do what ?

They’re hitting them in the face, Jibreel just gave an extra kick to Firaun like he really hated firaun.

Why Angel Jibreel Hated firaun and Afraid
Why Angel Jibreel Hated firaun and Afraid

why did jibreel hate firaun so much ?

was it because Firaun Dissed Jibreel One day, When he was talking to musa (A.S) Like you and that angel that comes to you. is that why?

no listen to what he says to the Prophet (ﷺ)
I hated him, the day I heard him say I am your Lord the most high. when Firaun had the audacity to stand up and say I am your Lord the most high. the hatred that jibreel developed for firaun was unprecedented and subhanAllah that shows you something about gibreel and in hadith literature sometimes. when gibreel came to the Prophet (ﷺ) enough he did not say Allah says. he said Al-Ala, the most high says the Most High has done.

which shows the status or the regard that the Jibreel shows for his Lord Allah subhana Wa’tala

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