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When will Allah remove this virus?

When will Allah remove this virus?

this need to know when, when is this going to end? when do we get back to normal? When is this error going to end ?
when is life over? when is, you know, when is the day of judgement?

All of these different things, right? so some of us right now overwhelmed by this great sense of a fitna, of tribulation, right ?
and there’s this apocalyptic aura that suddenly it’s all gonna end and we see the images that come out from Mecca and Medina and different parts of the world and everything feeling pretty overwhelming it’s like okay well when is the end of the world ?

and if you look in the Quran you’ll find that there are many instances of people that needed to know, When ?
Even the prophets themselves, right ? in the midst of their their moments of tribulation and trial “Mata Nassrullah” that things would get so difficult for some of the prophets and the messengers, and Allah gives this example until the Rasool, until the messenger and those that are with the rasool, those that are with the messenger say:- Mata Nassrullah: when is the help of Allah coming ?

When is it going to come. Allah also talks about this idea of people that are insisting on knowing when the date of judgment is okay?
so they ask “When is the Day of Judgment?” right?

if you’re telling the truth and the prophet (ﷺ) says that “even Jibreel (AS) Gabriel himself does not know when the day of judgment is right ?
so this need to know when the day of judgment is coming and the Prophet (ﷺ) turned this into a productive feeling, right? an understanding that was beyond that nagging feeling of knowing when? when? when? when?
so when someone asked the prophets (ﷺ) when is the hour?
when is the day of judgment?

When will Allah remove this virus?
When will Allah remove this virus?

the prophet (ﷺ) said listen he pointed to that young child and he said that. this young child, by the time this child lives to see great hair, if you you know if you were to see that or by the time this child has gray hair.

you’re going to pass away, you would have already met your day of judgement. meaning, whether or not the world ends is completely beyond you, right ?
I mean it’s beyond the prophet (ﷺ) even he doesn’t know but your world might end tonight, okay?
your world might end any moment.
“so by the time this child has gray hair, your your day of judgment would have come already anyway”
so think productively about what to do with that feeling of “when?” and you find stories of great patience,

where you know imam ahmed ibn Hanbal (R) when he was in prison during his trial and his son asked him: meta raha: when is the end of this?
when one is relief?
“with the first step that we take into paradise” meaning, you know if you’re asking me do I know when this prison sentence is going to end ?

I don’t know.
if you’re asking me do I know when, I’m gonna get to come back to my family?
I don’t know but what I do know is that true raha, true relief is going to be when we first set foot in paradise, and so I want to speak to this elementjust for a moment here of when?

you know, right now you’re seeing the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) gives the regulation of eight weeks and then oh, well it might be a year, it might besix months, and you know, we’re starting to go through all of these different timelines in our heads and it can causeus great stress, great anxiety. because we’re starting to think of Ramadan and then we’re thinking okay well you know, the school year and then what about next school year?

okay if I had Hajj plans or if I had summer plans, if I was going to go here, go there, what happens to this?
what happens to that?
and what I want us to do, insha’allah is to pull back for a moment and to appreciate that sabr, patience is not about the wait, patience is about how you wait, patience is about the other the manner of with which you wait, okay?

you wait for the relief to come from allah, you wait for the help to come from Allah Subhanahu Wa’tala. Allah did not tell the prophet (ﷺ) when his mission would be fulfilled allah did not tell Ayyub (AS) The Prophet job When his trial was going to end. Allah Did not tell yusuf (as) how long he was going to spend in prison. because that is at the heart of what true patience is, what a beautiful patience is Allah did not tell Jacob, Yaqub (as) when he would get his son back, but what Allah did do is he made a promise, he made them a promise?

right and so for us that promise is not how many weeks, it’s (This CoronaVirus) going to be, it’s not how many months it’s going to be, that promise is that whatever we do in the midst of all of this is going to be rewarded and compensated accordingly. that promise is that eventual relief comes to everyone, whether that relief is worldly or whether that relief is in the hereafter. which is the time of ultimate relief for the believer, but that relief is coming, That raha will be there but the test is not knowing when you know,

Subhanallah, if you think about your moment right now, and that’s actually the point of shifting lens and perspective.

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