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When Imam Mahdi and Dajjal Will Come TO Earth ? Part 1

Which Time Imam Mahdi Will come To Earth?

Our prophet sallalahu alaihi wasalam predicted the coming of one man and his name will be Mohammad ibn Abdullah. He will be called by the people the rightly guided. which is the Mahdi the world will be a very very depressing place before the Mahdi.

The earth will be full of injustice and the Mahdi will come and fill it with justice and with truth. This man is the final of the minor science of Judgment Day that is the Imam Mahdi. And the Mahdi will be a link or a bridge between the minor signs and the beginning of the major science, between the minor signs at the beginning of the major signs and the beginning of the major science will be the DAjjal. That is the first of the ten major signs the Mahdi will be alive when Dajjal comes.

Who Kills Dajjal ?

So the last of the minor signs the first of the major sign will coincide with one another. And the Mahdi will see the coming of Dajjal he will fight Dajjal will not be successful. Then the second of the major signs will come and that is Isa ibne Maryam and the Mahdi will be alive at that time and the Mahdi will fight in the army of Isa Alaihis Salam.

Eventually Isa Alaihis Salam will be the one who kills Dajjal, and then there is no mention of the Mahdi.

What exactly is this concept of the Mahdi ?
is it true or is it superstition ?

Do we really believe in it are there any evidences or is this something that you know people have just invent into misguide humanity now before we begin.

What exactly is the word Mahdi ?

The word Mahdi comes from Hidayah or hooda which means guidance. Mahdi means the one who is rightly guided. So Mahdi is a name maybe one of you is called Mahdi is a name. And some of the Kjulafa were called Mahdi and one of the famous Abbasid Khulafa his father called him Al- Mahdi. Thats mean the rightly guided one and there’s nothing wrong with the name. But in this case Mahdi is a title not a name. It means the one from Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala has rightly guided .

Where do we get the information of the Mahdi ?

The Quran has nothing directly or indirectly about the Mahdi. There is no verse that even indirectly references the Mahdi himself .But we have over 20 hadith about the Mahdi there are authentic some of them in Bukhari and Muslim the most famous book of hadith. After Bukhari and Muslim wich is Abu dawood it has an entire chapter called the chapter of the Mahdi.

The entitled a chapter the chapter of the Mahdi and in it he has over a dozen a hadith different hadith about the Mahdi. So Abu Dawood the Muhaddid the scholar of hadith is writing in his famous book an entire section called the section pertaining to the Mahdi.

Sunan Tirmidhi also has the chapter about the Mahadi and in the chapter title is the word Mahdi. Some of the great scholars of hadith they mentioned belief in the Mahdi as being one of the signs of Judgment Day. Therefore it is correct to say that the vast majority of scholars of our tradition they affirmed the concept of this righteous person coming towards the end of times and they believed in this concept.

When Imam Mahdi  and Dajjal Will Come TO Earth ? Part 1
When Imam Mahdi and Dajjal Will Come TO Earth ? Part 1

Now we are going to mention In Sha Allah today difference between what we believe and what some of the other groups believe. But Sunni is generally speaking.

We do believe in the Imam Mahdi, why?

Because it’s in the books of Sunna it’s in the books of hadith. And we affirm the books of hadith.
So let us now mention at least 10 or so of these hadith and from them let us derive some of the characteristics of the Mahdi. Of them authentic hadith in Sunan Abu Dawood that the prophet Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Salam said hadith is an Abu Dawood if there was only one day left in this world, Allah would make it longer so that a person from my family my descendants will come whose name is the same as mine and whose father’s name is the same as my father’s .

And he will fill the world with justice like it had been filled with injustice. This is the most authentic hasan hadith about Imam Mahdi. From it we learn three things well more but at least three.

About Imam Mahdi Family !

  • Number one the name of the Mahdi will be what ?
    Muhammad .
  • Number two ibn who ?
    ibn Abdullah.
  • Number three what will he do ?
    fill the world with justice. as it had been filled with injustice.
  • Now we can also add one more point here, number four when will this happen towards ?
    the end of times, because the hadith begins with what if there’s only one day left Allah will make it longer.
  • Which means the Mahdi will come towards the end of times. Now who is or were this lineage be from ?
    In Sunan Abu Dawood as well the Prophet Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Salam said mean the Mahdi is from my family from the children of Fatima.
  • How many children at Fatima have in terms of sons ?
    Hasan and Husayn.

So the man he will be from Hasan and Husayn. Which of these two there’s nothing authentic from the Prophet Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Salam, But Abu Dawood said that Ali (ra) look to his son Hasan and he said this son of mine Hasan is a leader because the Phrophet Sallalahu Alaihi Wa Salam called him a leader. From his children shall come a person whose name will be the name of your prophet and he will resemble your prophet in mannerisms but not in manner. he will resemble the Akhlaq but not the the physical face of the Prophet Sallalahu Alaihi Wa Salam.
How do you know Ali (ra) is saying what ?

Imam Mahdi will be from whose lineage ?

Hassan radiyaallahu ta’ala anhu and this is the predominant position Ibn Qaiyyum mentions the majority of our scholars say the Mahdi will be from the children of Al- Hasan. This isn’t contrast to the non Sunni group, you know thers two big group in the Muslim world and I try my best to not mention name, so as not to invoke or provoke any animosity.

I will never teach hatred of other Muslim groups that is not my philosophy but we should educate and we respectfully disagree with the non Sunni group. The non certainiy group it says that Imam Mahdi is from the children of Hussein and they have their 12th Imam that they’re waiting for and they call him The Mahdi. And this is one of the differences between a sentiment of many many differences . Ibn Qauyyum also mentions a interesting point here that it is befitting that the man they be from the progeny of Hassan.

Because Hasan Radi Allahu Anhu and he gave up the Khalifa for the unity of the Muslims and Husayen (ra) there’s nothing wrong with this. He strove for the Khalifah thinking and he was right in that assumption that he will be good and better than the person in charge. But in that a tragedy happened so Hasan (ra)gave up the Kursi after having had it. So Allah will bless him with his progeny to get the Kursi back and Allah will bless him that of his progeny will be the real and the actual Mahdi.

Who will eventually unite the Muslim Ummah?

Who will eventually unite the Muslim Ummah and fill the world with justice. so all the a hadith about Imam Mahdi as well as the hadith reported also in the sunan abu dawood that the prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said The Mahdi is from my children my progeny and his forehead shall be large and wide and his nose will be aquiline so the nose is not going to be a flat nose, it is gonna be an aquiline a sharp nose and the forehead will be larger so in other words like some people they have a large forehead so this mahadi will have a large forehead.

Prophet salallahu alayhi wasalam said:-
The Mahdi is from us Allah will rectify him and make him righteous in one night.
What does this mean ?
Our scholars mention that this means Imam Mahdi will grow up and people will not assume. That he is a very religious person. He might be an average Muslim, maybe even below average but something will happen and in one night. The Mahdi will become a righteous person, and this gives hope to all of us.

Who are sinful, that if even the mahdi will start off at a low level and something will trigger and Towba will take place and the Mahdi will repent and become such a righteous person so even the Mahdi his lifestyle at the beginning of his life will not be at the end of his life.

The Prophet SAW said Allah will change him, and correct him, in one night. correcting means he was incorrect. Salih means he was not salih before that night so this is a Bashara for us who are all sinners. That Allah can change anyone from anything some of the Sahaba used to do very evil things. then Allah guided them to Islam and look what happened after that so we should not look at the past rather we should look at the future of the things that we learned about the Mahdi as well and this is something that should give us pause for thought in the timeframe that we live in. Is that the a hadith mentioned.

Hadith is an Abu Dawood that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said the earth will be full of injustice, the earth will be full of injustice and tyranny and the Mahdi will come and fill it with justice and with truth, which means the world will be a very very depressing place before the Mahdi. the earth will be full of injustice and if you look at what is going on now Allah Musta’aan, but we are it looks like in that direction now from bad to worse from bad to worse, the world is getting worse and worse and worse a time, will come when the world will be full of injustice the world will be dark and bleak and black and in that darkness Allah will send a light for the Ummah.

Where Will Imam Mahdi From ?

In that darkness one it looks like there is no hope allah will send someone who will unite the muslims. Will then change the situation of the earth from injustice back into justice. So this is one of the beautiful predictions that terrifies us but also gives us comfort that you know it will get bad but after it gets bad inshallah it will be good. Another concept that is mentioned about the Mahdi is that the Mahdi is from Medina and that the Mahdi will flee from Medina to Makkah.

Imam Mahdi is raised in Medina and he is a Madani but circumstances will happen he will feel threatened and he will flee from Makkah to Madinah. And this hadith is also mentioned in Abu Dawood where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa Salam said a man shall flee from medina rushing towards Makkah and the people will come to him even though he does not want them to come. They shall force him to accept that they are and he will not want to accept the Bayiat the Mahdi will not claim to be the Mahdi.

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