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When Life Gets Tough

Ask Allah to open the doors for me if after a certain time, the doors are not opening and i ask Allah to to grant me the opening of the doors. If it is better For me. And the doors are not opening, consider it a sign from Allah for you to move on in life. That’s what the dua of istikhara is all about. We ask Allah oh Allah if this is good for me better for me make it easy for me open it for me grant me barakah in it. And if it’s not good for me, not good for my hereafter, close the doors, block it.

Turn me away from it, turn it away from me and make me happy with the fact that you have not given it to me. There goes. You see the dua of istikhara.
It says
Oh Allah, turn us away, if it’s not good for me. So the door is closed, the other door is closed, another door is closed. Six months pass a year passes two years pass. You know what, it’s about time for you to recognize that these doors are not going to open. If there is no light, things are getting worse then you are to blame to just sit back and keep saying, Allah will open, Allah will open, Allah will open, Allah can open and will do whatever he wishes, but he has also given you a brain a mind a capacity, he has given you the energy, the capacity, the understanding to do something about the situation.

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