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Pray Before It’s Too Late

The topic of today’s discussion is pray before you are prayed upon, and the first thing we want to do, is to remind all of the brothers and sisters, of the reality of the nature of this life. That if we are Muslim then inshallah all of us will reach that time when we will be preyed upon. when our body will be laid out, wrapped in a shroud, and that the funeral prayer will be performed not by us, but for us. Death is inevitable, Death is something that nobody is going to escape from. it doesn’t matter who you are, how powerful, how rich, what is the color of your skin or the language you speak, it doesn’t matter whether you are Pious or Empires, indeed brothers and sisters whether you are young or old, because death can come to any one of us at any time.

How would our condition be then brothers and sisters, and brothers and sisters the grave is a place where we are all alone.

Indeed the company there will be initially the two angels, who will question Us in the grave and what is it brothers and sisters, that will bring light to our grave. what is it that will bring the day of 50 000 years the day of judgment the day of standing, the day of fear and the day of Terror what is it that will make that day shorts?

what is it brothers and sisters?
that when we reach a bridge, that is thinner than a hair, and sharper than a sword, that is stretched over the Hellfire. what is it that will carry us swiftly across that bridge to the other side. what is it brothers and sisters, that will cause us to be recognized by the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) when we go towards a pond Al-Kawthar. In which is a drink that is cooler than snow, and whiter than milk and sweeter than honey. that if you drink of it you’ll never be thirsty again.

What will make us recognized by the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) so what are the things brothers and sisters that are going to give us relief on that day?

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