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Proof Of Muhammad’s Prophethood

We’re going to be talking about a man that came from the 7th Century Arabia that I believe changed the world, and this man is the prophet Muhammad صَلَّى ٱللَّٰهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ upon whom be peace. he had a claim he made a claim 1400 years ago, and this claim I believe is an eternal claim, and it lasts the test of time. The reason I’m saying this is because we can articulate a very positive argument using our rational capacity our reasoning our intellect our common sense.

We could use this to assess whether his claim was true, and this claim was I am the Messenger of God, I am the Messenger of Allah, and interestingly we can assess this claim in the following way.
Number one who is actually lying.
Number two he was deluded.
Number three he was both lying and deluded .
Number four he was speaking the truth.
And there is a fifth hidden one which is that it’s based on legend.

That the whole history concerning his life and even his claim is legendary, meaning that we can’t really believe in the Islamic historical narratives.

So let’s continue with using our mind using our rational faculties and capacity and assess this logical structure, these logical possibilities.
So let’s take the first one, could he be lying about his claim, he made a claim that he was the final messenger of God, could he be lying. well let’s look at his life. I would argue to claim the prophet Muhammad upon him be peace a liar would be equivalent to rejecting that our own mothers are our mothers. why am I saying this is?

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