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A Story of Musa A.S. and the rain

The prophet of Allah Musa alaih salatu wa salam. The prophet that had the luxury of speaking directly to Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala, imagine the prophet of Allah his people were going through a state of drought no water.
You know what that means?

That means everyone was suffering, no water, no food, no crops, the plants were dying, nothing was growing, animals were dying, nothing to drink, nothing to eat, human beings were dying and suffering amongst them is a prophet.

So the people came to Muusa and said Musa what’s going on?
I’ll cut the long story short, so musa and his people they go to the desert, Musa raises his hands he says oh allah you can see what’s happening to my people, ya Allah we’re begging we’re asking for rain.
Naturally when a prophet asks what happens.
Allah answers yes or no.
Musa asked for rain they’re waiting for the clouds to come in nothing happened.

You know forgive me these are my own interpretations, i’m making a clear these are my own interpretations these are the you know i have this problem whenever i read, these thoughts go through my mind, i’m thinking wow imagine being a prophet at that moment.
My people who already their iman is with the wind going and coming right, true, Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala again and again banu banu israel were the worst, yes.

Imagine the pressure he was under, my people are turning to me, they’re waiting for the response, i’m a prophet of allah, right i have direct relationship with allah subhanahu wa ta’ala.
Ya allah i clearly asked you for rain and nothing happens, talk about heat under the collar.
So musa says, ya allah what’s happening?

I asked for rain and no rain. Now listen to what Allah says. He says, ya musa from amongst your people there is one sinner. One.
How many sinners are in our towns?
How many of our muslims don’t pray?
How many of our sisters are still unscarved?
How many of our elders still cannot read fatiha properly?

Ya musa from amongst your people is one sinner and because of him and him alone i have deprived the rain from falling. So you can come to me now and talk to me about justice and wisdom and is this fair all night long doesn’t change the fact that Allah deprived rain upon a prophet, upon people, upon innocent women And children and animals and crops, because of the actions of one man, one man.

ya musa, turns to his people he says oh my People amongst you is a sinner come out And make yourself known.
You know i always think about this story And i imagine being that man at that Time.
You know,
wallahi with all respect to everyone, I already know without anyone had every Person in this room is a sinner Including myself. Every one of you is a sinner whether you Like it or not, because the prophet of Allah will never lie

كلُّ بني آدم خَطَّاءٌ
Every single human being is a sinner

But we have the luxury of hiding our sins sometimes we have the luxury of knowing look alhamdulillah at least no one knows about it it’s in private it’s only between me you know no one knows.
Imagine this man has now been addressed by a prophet and now he comes to realize, that because of my sin because of my shortcoming that i thought no one knows about except me and allah.
Now this man comes to realize that because of my shortcomings all my people have been suffering because of my sin imagine that feeling.

Honestly how many of you feel like because of your sins that all my suffering. How many of us?
So musa says make yourself known come forward.
Imagine the embarrassment.
So this man now realizes, that hey i’m the guilty one.
Unfortunately something most of us are not prepared to do.
So the man repents he makes tawbah to Allah.
But doesn’t make himself known to Musa A.S.
So musa waits for the man to come forward no one comes forward musa goes back, asks allah that his amazement the rain comes and starts falling down.

So yes of course musa is happy the rain is there, but now he’s baffled.
This is ya allah please some clarification, i asked for rain to begin with. You said there’s a sinner i asked for the sinner to come forward, no one came forward, i asked for rain the second time and now the rain comes down, what’s going on?

Now listen to what allah subhanahu wa ta’ala says to him,
He says ya musa, i deprived the rain from coming because of him and him alone, but that person he turned back to me and he asked for my forgiveness i accepted his tawba and now because of him and him alone i’ve allowed the rain to fall down.

So musa is now interested he says oh allah tell me who this man is?

Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala says to musa, he says ya musa, i didn’t expose him when he was a sinner, what makes you think i’m gonna expose him now that he’s repented and turned back to me.

You know what’s the amazing part of this story, is not the fact that Allah allowed the rain to come.
You know what i find is interesting, what i find interesting is this man that was man enough to admit, was man enough to stand up and say hey i am in the wrong he was man enough to acknowledge the fact that his shortcomings made his people suffer and he was man enough to acknowledge it and he was man enough to Turn back to allah he was man enough to ask Allah azzawajal for forgiveness and Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala accepted him.

A quality that most of us fail in. Where are those that are present, where Are those that are prepared to stand up And say hey you know what’s happening Around the world, it’s because of people Like me, it’s because of my shortcomings, It’s because of my lack of deen, it’s Because of my sins at night, it’s because Of my long tongue that i can’t keep shut, It’s because of my eyes that i can’t Keep down, it’s because of my actions, no.
We point the finger at anyone and Everyone except myself

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