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Transforming Your Mindset for Success

Human beings are very wrongdoing and they’re extremely ungrateful, and what what is one of the ways in which we’re extremely ungrateful. we always have reason to complain, always if somebody says hey what’s on your mind say, nothing, nothing, okay no no you can talk to me, all right here’s a list and then there’s a list of all the issues.
I mean it’s too hot, I hate you know, I used to live in California, and I’m living in Texas and you know if you’ve got all kinds of problems, or money issues, health issues, family issues, personal issues, you know all career issues, education issues, self-worth issues, all kinds of issues and we’re drowning in those issues and if if you were to just take a moment and think about what am I actually thinking about that I should be grateful for.

it’s actually very hard, it becomes a difficult exercise, I can’t really think about anything right now, I’m drowned in the negativity, and it doesn’t matter how much knowledge you have, it doesn’t matter how long your beard is, or how tightly your hijab is worn, this has nothing to do with the outside of our Islam. this is something that’s happening inside of our hearts.

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