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Angels Pray For You When You Do This

When Angels Pray For you?

We think of the prophet (saw) in many ways, but how often do we think of the prophet(saw) as a brother?
And not just any brother but as the most blessed brother, because the prophet (saw) said they are my brothers, they are my beloved ones, those who believe in me, and they’ve never even seen me, and so we pray that we are those people right. So you think of the prophet (saw) in many different ways.

But how often do you think of him as your most noble brother in faith? And this is significant to the discussion about the angels because just like when we were talking about defending your brother’s honor and defending the prophet (saw), your most noble brother’s honor and then we just spoke about supplication dua for your brother behind his back.

What about dua for your most noble brother the prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam in the form of salawat, in the form of sending prayers and peace
Upon him. There’s a famous hadith from ubayy ibn ka`b (ra) he said i akked the prophet (saw) how much of my dua should i dedicate towards salawat.
Towards sending prayers and peace upon you?
He said, i already do a great deal of it.

But how much should i do?
So the prophet (saw) said, do as much as you wish and it would be blessed. He said.
The prophet (saw) said, that’s good. And do more if you want and it will be blessed.
He said, how about one half, of the messenger of allah?
He said that’s fine, that’s good and if you do more, you’ll be blessed. He said how about two-thirds. The prophet (saw) said that’s fine and if you do more, you’ll be blessed.
He then said, ya rasulullah what if i just dedicate the entirety of my dua to sending prayers and peace upon you?
The prophet salallahu alaihi wasallam said,


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