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Allah Answers This Person Immediately- Nouman Ali

Now the lowest employee in your company is who?
Don’t say me, like the guy there’s maybe the intern maybe the secretary, maybe the janitor, the lowest status in your organization, the lowest status
And the CEO would be the highest.
This the word “Slave” is there any lower job description in existence?

Slave means there’s no one below you bro. You know there’s no one below you, and allah is RABB, which means there’s no one higher than him. So now you’re talking about communication between the highest possible and the lowest possible, in every other situation in the world, this conversation is impossible. And if it happens, it’ll happen if you get lucky if you really get lucky it might, might, might happen by chance.

It might occur but you’re not going to be able to and if it happens it won’t be regular, it’s weird allah says i am near to my slaves, first of all, you would think master should be distant from slaves. But this supremely high says as low as you are as slaves i am near you and on top of that you know. He can’t
Respond to someone above doesn’t respond to all your requests, allah says
I immediately respond
I immediately respond

What comes first request or response?
Logically speaking what comes first. Allah didn’t even mention the request, that is the request portion of the ayah we haven’t even translated that yet
Allah says i’m so anxious to respond, i’ll mention my response first i’ll mention the request later.
“ujibu da’wata da-i”
Is first “idha da’ani” is later, it’s incredible.

The actual sequence is………………………..
When he calls me i answer, he says no i answer when he calls. He mentions his enthusiasm first we learn he’s in wait, he’s waiting for us to ask about him then he says i will call, i will respond immediately by the way there are two two words for answering.
There’s “as’tajibu” and “ujibu” . Astajibu means i will try to answer or i will answer over time, two meanings i will try to answer and i will answer
Over time also means i want to answer.
Just because somebody wants to answer does that mean they actually answer?
No, but if you say “ujibu” it means, i immediately answer. People that are important, you have to leave them voicemails and they will maybe call you back in two years.

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