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What Benefit Did Allah Get From Creating Us

So one might ask, well then why did allah make us, what is it all about?
Allah has created us for a short period of time in this world, in order to test us, this whole life is all about a test, you have young children subhanallah.Their test only commences in a big way or should i say their responsibility unto allah at the age of puberty or maturity when they are to fulfill the obligations that allah has placed on their shoulders. But, up to that age they are a test for their own parents for their siblings, for the community, for
The rest of humanity, may allah grant us ease.

Today you are seated in front of me. Part of your test is how you shall be treating one another, how you shall be respecting one another, how you will facilitate for one another and how you will create ease in every single way and how you will protect each other from harm and how you will make sure that you protect each other from that which is detrimental that which will be a means of sadness for the other that is
Part of your test and mine.

May allah help us all. My brothers and sisters, as we grow older, the test then becomes our own whereby have you fulfilled the responsibilities
Unto your maker. What is he asking you for listen to what allah says,
I have not created mankind or jin kind except that they worship me which means the test for mankind and jin kind is that they worship allah. Now during Our lives we will need sustenance, many of us would need wealth we are looking for money.

So that we can afford the plate of food, and we can put it insha’allah for our offspring for those who are under our guardianship, for those whom we are responsible for, so sometimes we can lose track of The worshipping of allah subhanahu wa ta’ala because of the devil who tries to deviate us just because we want to earn some money.

So allah says i have created mankind and jin kind for no other purpose. Besides that they worship me. I do not want from them sustenance. Allah doesn’t want for us to feed allah, astagfirullah. Audhubillah. May allah safeguard us from from evil thoughts.

He does not want from us to feed him. But he has kept a test within us to feed those who are underprivileged. From amongst our own kind.

Subhanallah and to be kind even to animals, and to be kind to all sorts of the creatures of allah subhanahu wa ta’ala reach out to anything that has life.

The prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam says, to feed or reach out or quench the thirst of anything that has a liver any living animal, or any living creature will be an act of reward for you. May allah use us to reach out to one another, to help the homeless to help those who don’t have food. Whenever we eat remember. Never be wasteful, never be a person who is ungrateful.

There are others who don’t have food and sometimes the leftover that we throw in the bin might feed a whole nation. May allah grant us the understanding. So allah says i don’t want sustenance from you and i don’t want you to feed me, i am the one who will sustain you worship me alone. Call out to allah, this is part of the test of allah.
Why is sustenance being made mention of when such an important point is being highlighted by allah? Because many of us can be deviated by the devil because of money, because of sustenance, because of health, because of material items.

So allah is saying hang on. Your life is so short, don’t waste your time doing that which will displease me allah says, don’t you want wealth?
Well, if you do it the wrong way, or if you do it the right way, remember. Whatever i have allowed you to achieve that is the only amount you will achieve and that is the amount you will be able to use. Some people amass a large amount but they will not be able to use it because allah has chosen for them to leave this world prior to their ability to use that wealth what was the point?

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