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How To Perform Tayammum At Home Where There Is No Soil Or Dust

Says how should we do tayemmum at home as mostly nowadays people live in flats and we do not have soil available, and our walls and furniture don’t have dust on it.
the most authentic opinion is that you can perform wudu on anything that is made of earth, clay, soil, sand, pebbles, rocks, dry mud and what is made out of out of it so if you have a wall with concrete or a the likes then you can make tayamum on it. if not if the wall is painted with paint and the paint is not from earth or the likes or like uh drapes or like furniture, if it has dust in it.

So if you do this you can have some dust coming out of it you can make wood with that because dust is from earth, but if it doesn’t have dust it’s clean and it’s it’s it’s it has nothing on it then you have to go outside and look for uh some soil some dirt, some sand in the park, or nearby and you can do to him with that, inshallah.

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