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Lessons For Muslims From Queen Elizabeth

Another thing that i think is worthy of benefiting, again this is quite simple, we all know it but subhanallah, all the power and the wealth and the Prestige and the money in the world is not going to save you from death or sickness or illness. You can be the king or the queen and the angel of death has equal access to you. It doesn’t matter. Who you are, you shall fall sick and you shall die. And we know this but it is ibra for all of us “kullu nafsin zaaa`iqatul mawt” [3:185]
And she lived to 96,97 years old?

Her husband lived to 99, almost 100. Her husband, almost 100 years because they have the best but they cannot escape death. So again, simple lesson,
Nobody can escape death, regardless of who they are and everyone shall return to their lord.

Point number three,
This leads us to the more interesting and the the controversial stuff, again we really do have, as i said, some emotional extremes when it comes to that every single time, every time a non-muslim dies, a politician, an actor, actress, an influential person whom the people overall loved, every time we see the same you know spectrum of reactions.

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