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Can’t attend Friday Prayer what to do

Can’t attend Friday prayer cuz I have to attend school & I live in a kafir country, What to do?
I have a problem due to school, because um every Friday every two weeks I have on Friday um lessons after third after 1 p.m. so that means that I have um school lessons during Friday prayer, and that happens every two weeks and the problem is, I have one mid in my city two um the first mag it plays a bit earlier, it’s before 1 p.m. so it’s so I can’t attend it due to me being in school and the second one is um after 1 p.m. um but they take a long time to finish the prayer um like about an hour and um I have lessons on 1.45 so I can’t I have to attend school.

I understand your question alhamdulillah, you live in a Kafir country and a Muslim has to learn and be able to finish his school and get a certificate in University in order to be a bread winner and have a decent job and build a family and live independently, and due to this fact the scholars say that it is permissible if being unable to skip school or university to go to attend Friday and there’s no way you can do that it is permissible to skip Friday, and two number one try to combine three or more students with you so that you would form a juma in the school or university itself at or at the workplace, and do your khutba and prayer in like 10 to 15 minutes alhamdulillah.

If this is not possible then you can pray Dhuhur as well and alhamdulillah as long as once every two Fridays this means that you don’t pray or you don’t miss three consecutive Fridays in a row inshallah, this is permissible due to necessity.

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