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2 Dua Allah Guarantees to Answer During Bad Times

My dear brothers and sisters in islam, the duas that are mentioned in the quran upon the tongues of the prophets are the greatest of duas.

I will mention 2 Duas that i believe every single one of us should not just memorize but use frequently. All of us know these duas, they are quranic duas on the tongues of the prophets (ﷺ). The first of them is the dua of the Prophet Ibrahim (AS) and both of these duas were said at time of great difficulty, at times of distress.

When it appeared that there was no hope left, what dua did the Prophets say.

when all hope of this world was cut Off?

We learn in the quran and in the sunnah the duas of these 2 Prophets, as for the dua of the Prophet Ibrahim (AS)

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