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19 Year Old Dies Before Fajr (True Story)

the biggest deception shaytan will put in your head, and this is common so common amongst youngsters they say oh sorry brother I’ll do it afterwards and I’m young at the moment inshallah I have full intention but inshallah when soon come when the time is right, the truth is is that that soon come and insha Allah and hopefully one day will will never come, because the truth is you and I don’t even know when we’re gonna live until this worldly life.

Well let’s put a bit more hardcore, you don’t know when you’re gonna die, you don’t know when you’re gonna die, you don’t know when you’re gonna breathe your loss, and you don’t know which condition you’re going to breathe you’re lost in.

So it’s better for you to live your life in such a way that you in in a believer’s way in a Mumins way, in a way which will attract the mercy of Allah, so let’s just say God forbid, if you were to give up your life or learn life or to finish at any moment in time death words are coming knock at your door.

You are completely ready, because every single day you’re prepared for it, do you get where I’m coming from so don’t have this thinking about or you know afterwards inshallah, and one day inshallah.

you know subhanallah i was up north and we had a bayan and I’m not sure who was with us from the youngsters but we went there and one Maulana was giving me you know this situation what happened subhanallah, there was one youngster mashallah young hafiz of Quran and he’s locally Imam Sub, he used to have like a day off here and there so he used to ask the young hafiz and who was his student.

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