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Why are the Muslims not Allowed to Sing Vande Maataram – Dr Zakir Naik

why are the Muslims not allowed to sing Vande mataram?
before I give the answer this is a common question why are Muslims not allowed to say Vande mataram. which was even asked in the press conference beginning of the conference by the Press media. before answering, that I would like to tell you that even the Hindus, even they should not say Vande mataram. because if you know the song written by Bankim Chandra Chatterjee.

Vande mataram means I bow down to my motherland, Vande mataram it occurs thrive in the full song and as I mentioned earlier according to the Veda it’s clearly mentioned Yajurveda chapter number 32 verse number three and shvetashvatara upanishad chapter number 4 number 19

of that God there is no prathima, there is no image, there is no photograph, there is no picture, there is no portrait, there is no sculpture, there is no Idol. so where is the question of worshiping the land. so any Hindu who has knowledge of his Veda will never agree with Vande mataram.

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